August 21, 2018


Sao Paulo MTC


Elder Boyack

Elder Angell

Hy sis! Im glad to here all is well! Sooo gald you liked stk conf it is always a greata experience. That testimony time was one of the best times yet herre. This week I learned a lot abolut grammer and sentance structure which has helped me a lot when rersponding to people. I loveee the quote and am def working on that every day! have an amazing week sis! You da bestest! I pray for you and JR every night! hope you two are doing well.
On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 12:07 AM, Mariah Angell <> wrote:

Hey bro!

How did your 2nd week in the MTC go? Has your time
there gone fast? I'm VERY impressed from your last
email to the family. It doesn't surprise me that
you're already catching on to the language so
quickly. 😉 I'm so happy that you're already
saying prayers, teaching an investigator and
learning new words! You are leaps ahead of me
compared to my 1st week in the MTC😂 I really
enjoyed hearing about how all of the elders in
your district got to share testimonies about why
they are serving... It sounds like it was a
powerful experience for you. I had to let you know
that my district did something similar, at the end
of one of the days in the 1st week in the MTC we
all sat in a circle in our classroom when the
teacher left & each shared why we were serving a
mission and/or a major obstical we had to get
through that changed our life.. of course I shared
about my 9 hip surgeries & my testimony of the
atonement & during our lil pow wow there was not a
dry eye in the group. Long story short I'm SO glad
you were about to have a similar experience with
your district! What is one new thing you learned
this week in the MTC?

This weekend we attended the adult session of
stake conference & the Sunday Session as well. IT
Elder Buckner from the 70 came and was an absolute
powerhouse. I took away so many things but I'll
share one thing that stood out to me a lot. -when
you recieve a spiritual prompting use the 5 second
rule, which means you act on it within 5 seconds
or you'll talk yourself out of doing it. Pretty
great advice, huh? I've already applied it since
learning about it Saturday night & it's helped me
to follow through better w/ the spiritual
promptings I've recieve.

Have you gotten home sick at all? Is there
anything you need me to send you that you didn't
take with ya? Hope you had another great week in
Brazil. Keep killing it bro, love ya!❤️


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