August 14, 2018


Sao Paulo MTC


Elder Boyack

24/7 SPIRIT! (Week 1)

Ola amigos e familia! What a week it has been! I have never experienced so much learning, stress, love, tears, satisfaction, and friendship all at once in my life! I dont know where to begin so I will just jump right on in. After I left indy at 6 pm, I arrived in Antlanta 1hr and 3min later. When I to my gate I met nearly 30 missionaries waitng to fly to Sao Palo! I was not expecting to see tha many. More than half of them were in my district. Many from Rio North and South. I arrived at sao palo around 9 am I think. Sleeping on the plane did not work haha.
I met my companion on wednesday. His name is Elder Boyack (Kayak is his nickmane haha). He is pretty cool and glad we are together for the next six weeks. He is from Utah and planning on going to BYU when he returns. Anyways, my district is THE BEST EVER! We are all so motivated, diligent, and faithful. Our district leader is Elder Wayde and he just came from Princeton U for singing. Very talented. It has taken me a bit to get used to being called elder, and get out of my street talk. I still find myself saying Bro, dude, ect haha.

This week was the biggest testimony builder ever. The workload and schedule is a lot but I love it! I am striving off of the need to constantly be doing or learning something. This week I prayed for and can honestly say I have had the spirit with me 247! It has helped me relaive stress and have the confidence in myself that I needed to make this major transformation in my life. I also prayed for the gift of tongues and my companion and I and our romates gave eachother blessings of comfort and to obtain the gift o tongues (O dom do linguo). Man did that help! My faith has grown expoenentially! Dads blessing literally says this language will be easy to learn, and it has beenso much easier and better than expected. I love it so much. Portuguese isa beautiful. After one week god has helped me memorize 250 words, about 30-50 phrases, pray, say my testimony, and teach in Portugues pretty well! I have been blessed so much with how smooth it has been coming. I have had a few hard moments but everytime I prayed for hlp and to keep the spirit with me as i pray it helped. Today Elder B. and I taught our fake investigator for the 3rd time. This time was about Jesus Christ and the spirit. We felt that is what he needed. As I bore my simple testimony to him in port i felt the spirit for the first timne while speaking port. I am amazed how god has helped me pull random things from what I have learned and have beebn able to use them on the fly to teach with POWER and AUTHORITY. I am sure my investigator felt it as well. My teachers are the best too! All of them speak maybe 100 words of english so that has actually really helped me be immersed and learn/hear a lot of Port. Sunday was amazing and at district meeting we all shared why we decided to serve a mission. We all balled to whole time and we defiently were more unified from that moment on. WE have such a brotherhood and feeling of purpose and love in our district. I cant wait to see how we grow together these next 6 weeks!
The food is moito bem! I have had meat and rice and beans of different kinds and concoctions for every meal basically. I love it and have been watching how much I eat to stay in shape. Elder B and I do pushups to failure after every kneeling prayer. No bean gut! Well I am overtime njow and have to go. Love you all!
Elder Angell


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