February 28, 2018


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Well guys
Another great week here in the restinga. Tuesday i got sick as heck and
was throwing up and dying. I ate something bad (i think argentinan candy
that my companion gave me) but Wedensday i was alright as strong as a horse
so we were able to work really good. We followed up on lots of visits and
we invited tons of people to go to church. Elder Alexis, a missionary that
returned to his house a week ago that was one of the greatest missionaries
on this mission, returned to Restinga to live here! It´s freaking awesome
but weird as heck. So he does visits with us atleast 2 times each week and
everyone here loves him because he´s from Haiti so we enter in whatever
house we want. He also brought three friends to church! He did this contact
in the street and promissed this lady that if she went to church she would
receive that thing that she has always been wanting. Randomly the lady
showed up at church and said she received the thing that she was hoping
for. I have no idea what that thing was but Alexis is powerful. I´ll be
going to the temple today with the zone so that will be sweet. Yester was
lidership council and our zone was the zone that baptized the most in the
month *dabs*. So President asked us to share our experience with the high
attendance in our ward. It was great.
Have a great week duffs!
1. the pizza we won!
2. My trainer from camaquã, he will be going to his house because he
finished his mission. Love that guy


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