March 19, 2018


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a great week

Another great week here in the Restinga,
Well this week was awesome. The first couple days of the week we did
interchanges and I stayed with Elder Inácio in a place called Hípica. It
was cool we found tons of new investigators and i did some baptismal
interviews. Also we took down a wall and i was fasting during the project
so i was dying. When i returned to the area we planned a night of
integration with the members and investigators. It was awesome. We decided
to do Jeopardy with throwing pie on the face of others. Everyone loved it
and i get pie thrown at my face quite a bit because the questions were hard
as heck.
We had Kayla´s baptism on Saturday. Kayla is Maria´s friend that goes
to church with her always. We went and talked to her mom and turns out her
mom is a less active so she was way cool with her daughter getting
baptized. The baptism was great. The young women even did a choir for her.
Sunday was awesome. We trained the ward missionaries so they can
re-teach the recent converts. We did role plays of the restoration. Then we
went and introduced them to the recent-converts and they taught really
well. It´s great doing visits with the members.
Grêmio won 3-0 against internacional :( My team is Inter:)
Well thats about it for the week. We will be having a transfer this week
so pray that Elder Lubrano stays!!!
We fast every single week and we are seeing the blessings of fast.
Really miracles happen.
Have a great week!!!!!!!!!
1. taking down the wall of bricks
2. Kayla´s baptism


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