April 2, 2018


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Great week of conference and easter

Well well,
This being the first week of the transfer we went crazy and talked with
everyone finding lots of new investigators. Went great. We found a family
of four that everyone is less active and not all our members. We brought
them to the conference and they liked it a lot. One of them, Lorenzo is 22
years old and his patriacal blessings says he will go to a mission so we
are going to help him get there.
It was great to watch conference. We were able to bring lots of people
to watch it at the church with us. It seems like conference gets better and
better every time I watch it. Man I love conference. I received a lot of
personal answers for my mission and also my life.
So our ward has been having lots of growth so they decided to move our
ward to the evening. 2pm-5pm. It will be the only ward on our mission that
will have church in the evening so we will see how it goes. Pray that it
goes well because this could be a horrible idea.
I´d like to press my testimony about Christ. I learn and remeber each
day about the importance of the Atonement and I´m so thankful for what he
did for us and each day I want to teach and explain more and more about the
Atonement to others so they can feel the power of the Atonement and the
miracles that can happen. Here in Brazil, lots of other churches do
miracles that come and go quickly. Like cure an arm or help someone get
some money in a week that will obviously go away fast. However in the
Church of Jesus Christ, thanks to the atonement we are able to perform
miracles that can cure family relationships and give everlasting joy to
people. I´m so grateful to be apart of this church and have the Atonement
helping me each day.
Have a great week!!!
1. Maria luisa´s and Elizabeth´s baptism
2. We are INTER
3. Team inter


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