April 11, 2018


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eat big to get big

This week we worked a lot. I get tired thinking about it. We talked with
tons of people but it was´nt easy brining people to church because of the
new evening schedule. Church is now at 2-5pm. Here in brasil, sunday
evening everyone has a barbeque then watches the soccer game so it is a big
sacrfice coming to church but we are teaching people about the importance
of the sacrement and it´s going well.
We had a crazy meeting this week. All the mission presidents of brasil
got together and made a goal to triple in the baptisms in brasil in the
next three months. Everyone is excited as heck and now the mission standard
of exclence almost doubled. We now have to mark 20 baptimal dates each week
and bring 15 people to church and find 20 new investigators each week,
Which is very possible and has already been done but it wont be easy. So
everyone is working douoble time. Me and Elder Watson are doing a lot of
exhanges with the Elders in the zone to help them have these experiences.
Yesterday after a hard day of knocing on doors, we went to our last
visit that was a contact we had made on the street. It ended up being a
family of four that was really ready to hear our message. Man lots of
We had wesley´s baptism. We had a member that always helps out
baptize him. Not a lot of people came to the baptism but the spirit was
still sweet.
We will be going to the temple today so it should be awesome. We´ve
been seeing miracles each day:)
1. Wesley´s baptism
3. the city of Restinga !!!!
4. Lit


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