April 16, 2018


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So this week was awesome. We studied Neil L. Anderson´s talk about
having faith to find people prepared to receive the gospel. On our weekly
planning we established a goal to find a complete family that would be
ready to receive the gospel and bring them to church in the same week, We
dedicated Tuesday to finding new investigators. It was HORRIBLE. We just
found some people that didnt want anything to do with us and lots of
commitments fell through. We did some visits with the principal of seminary
for some of the youth converts so that was awesome. Anyways after a bad day
we arrived to our last commitment. We arrived at the house and the adress
we had didnt exist. I couldnt beleive it. It was already time to go to our
house but i wasnt giving up yet. I looked at the street name and i
remembered that about two weeks ago i talked with a twelve year old on the
street that said he lived there. We decided to look up his address and we
saw a lady on the street. It ended up being his aunt and she let us enter.
Well turns out he lives in a family of seven people!! It was one of the
most powerful lessons of my life. We talked about the importance of
families and Elder Chipana beared a testimony strong about how the gospel
changes families. The mom of the family, Flavia gave the last prayer and
said that we were in the best of the week. We returned there on Thursday
and everyone ran to the gate excited when we got there. They said that each
person of the family had a dream about the book of mormon and they wanted
to follow this route. All six went to church. Man I´ve never been happier.
I know that when we make goals with faith we can always accomplish them.
But our faith has to be strong as heck. We have to really beleive, im
learning this each day on the mission.
Have an excelent week!
P.s Elder Chipana took me to the center of Porto Alegre and i ended up
buying sick Adidas:)
PHotos will come next week
Elder Morrow


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