May 14, 2018


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One of the greatest weeks!!!

so this week was crazy freaking awesome. This week was Gilmar´s baptism.
Gilmar is the husband of the young women´s president. Long story short,
when i was in Arroio dos Ratos my companion, Elder S, Pinheiro, always
talked about this young womne´s president whose name is Suian. Suian always
helps the missionaries and on my first day i met her she said that her
husband wasnt a member but it wasnt even worth trying because all the
missionaries and members try to baptize him but it never works. Well since
that day i made it my goal that i would baptize Gilmar if it was the last
thing i could do. I know that faith cant change peoples free agency however
like Elder Neil L. Anderson says, "faith can make things that need to
happen, happen." And Suian needs to have an eternal family. So we had let
some strong messages about baptism. He said that he needed a bigger answer.
We showed him that he had already recieved answers that the church is true.
His two sons love the church and everytime they bear their testimonies
Gilmar sheds a tear or two. I called President and told him about Gilmar.
President said that he would do a visit with us in about a month. A month
had passed and president said that this week he could visit him. We went to
Gilmar´s house with President and President left a message really string
about the temples. How the temple gives us the right to live with our kids
forever. President invited him to be baptized as "fast as possible" then we
left a prayer and left. It was so spiritual but something was missing. Why
didnt president mark a baptismal date? I decided to call Gilmar and ask him
if he wanted to be baptized tomorrw. He randomly accepted it!!!! Me and
Watson were dancing on the street of joy. We told the ward and no one
beleived it. We caled President Cruz and even he didnt beleive it.
President and his family and about a hundred people came to that baptism.
Suian bore her testimony and said that everything happens in the lord´s
time and she knew that her family would be sealed one day in the temple.
That´s a sealing that im going to go to one day. We also baptized Juliane
and Isabele two sweet young women. Well after that baptism president called
me up to the second floor and asked me if i was ready for "my last
challenge". He invited me to accept an emergecny transfer and go to a zone
and an area that is having lots of problems and that my faith that i had
with Gilmar is exactly what the zone is needing. I accepted the challenge.
Right now i am in Agronomia, one of the smallest areas of the mission. The
last two weeks there have been 0 investigators at church so we are about to
change that up. i love Restinga and all the people that i met there. Lots
of recent converts that are firm in the faith. Gods hasnt ceased to perform
miracles. I LOVE THE MISH
Elder Morrow


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