November 27, 2017


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my nightmare has returned

My nightmare has came backed to haunt me. You guys remember
that Elder Caetano that i trained in Camaquã that is crazy as heck and it
was the hardest thing to train him? Well he was transfered to Arroio dos
Ratos 2. Also he is one of ur district leaders so im responsible for him.
Yeah this will be a crazy transfer. Me and Elder Patricio are still
together but we share the houseand the branch with Elder Catano and Elder
Macino. :)
This week we decided to get creative and started doing the
mini MTC with the youth of the branch. So basically its a game where each
youth gets called on missions and we teach them how to teach the lessons.
Also the get points every time they give us a referall, do visits with us,
or bring a freind to teach. Whoever gets 2000 points becomes the AP of the
group and we throw a barbeque for them. We started it this week and its
going awesome. By the way my group of missionaries (mission arizona) is
killing it! They are trashing the other groups. HAHA
We had to do an interview in Charqueadas but the guy wasnt
really ready to be baptized so we ended up traveling all day friday:( This
week should be better. We had the primary program in a branch and it was
cute as heck. We have two sets of girl twins in our branch and the four of
them are like bestfriends. Well anyways I took lots of photos but Elder
Patricio had to do some work in Porto Alegre so im not with my camera right
now so ill have to send everything next week.
Experience of the week: We found an address in the area book
that looked really good however just had the name of the street not a house
address. We get to the street and it was the biggest street of our area so
there was no way wed find the house. Anyways a couple days later we were
knocking on doors when this seven year old girl randomly passes us on her
bike and waves at us. I felt the prompting to talk to her. Even though she
is seven years old she told us where her house is and said we could try to
give her family a visit. At the end of the night one of our commitments
fell through so we had time to go to that little girls house. We get there
and the family let us in. We start teaching and IT ENDS UP BEING THE FAMILY
FROM THE ARE BOOK. We were in a completely different neighborhood but they
explained to us that they have moved and hadnt seen the missionaries
anymore and it was a sign of god that we were there.
With faith we will always find the elect
Have a good week
Elder Morrow


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