December 11, 2017


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i miss when it was cold in december

Well its hot here, nothing compared to Arizona heat, but its kinda hot,
Well this week I stayed in Cachoeira helping Elder A. Santos one of
our district leaders. Cachoeira is one of the areas really long away. It´s
like the Narnia of the mission. Anways next month it will actually be part
of another mission so its kinda a dying area. Well we worked our butts off
and had some trainings with the district. We found a lot of people and
marked baptismal dates with them so it should work out. The way the city
Cachoeria is shaped is like an oven so it was hot as heck. However it is
one of the richest cities in the mission. So I got to see a lot of cool
houses. Also a cow tried to kill us but we ran away from it.
Elder Patrício stayed with Elder Ruíz in our area so he was dying
because Elder Ruíz is disobedient as heck. But President went there and han
dled everything so it worked out in the end. Well Saturday I got back to
Arroio Dos Ratos and we taught quite a bit of people. Sunday was also good
because we brought a bunch of youth to church. MAN I ALMOST FORGOT we had a
youth activity where you play a game of questions and if you dont get the
question right your oppenent throws a pie at your face. Man it was
hilarious i was dying. 20 people came! All youth. I was happy as heck.
On P-day the elders from Jacuí came here so we got to pass the p-day
with them and we did a barbeque. One of them is an american elder. Man I
love Brazilians but its been awhile since ive seen an American and it was
great to talk about Football for a little bit.
The church is true the book is blue! 25 days of christmas is going
Elder Morrow

i need to take more pictures im sorry
we played war p-day


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