January 8, 2018


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Hey fam and friends
This week was great! We had Renan´s and Ueslei´s baptism. Ueslie is
excited as heck to be a member. They already signed him up to go to the
youth camp in feburary. Also this week we realized that we need to work a
little more with the members. The members are kind of dying because they
isnt very much lidership here. So Elder S. Pinheiro and I had a meeting
with the Branch President and we decided to make a plan for the branch. We
filled callings where there werent callings and we helped point out people
that would be good for the callings that were left over. After our plan
there was still some callings left over. Then randomly a miracle happened
where this really strong family will move to our branch! This couple is
perfect for the callings. I´m excited as heck!
We also started to work a lot with the family home evening. The best
way to strengthen investigators and members is family home evening. So we
are going to do family home evenings every night with different families.
In the mini MTC Ueslie showed up randomly and won the best lesson of
the night! Man I´m proud of that duff.
Okay so one of the couples that we are working with are really good
but arent married yet so we started their wedding this week in about thirty
days the papers should came in. ANYWAYS randomly they found anti-mormon
sites on the internet about our church and joseph smith and they started
doubting everything and got scared. This happens a lot on the mission and
usually these people say some things about the church that leavs you
thinking but ive never been stronger in a lesson in my life. Me and Elder
S. Pinheiro talked with the voice of lions in our lungs. The spirit was
strong and we asnwered all the questions clearly and strongly. We talked
about how people always doubting in christ to the point that he was
cruscified. Then we talked about the fruits of the church and all the good
things that are happening in their lives. This is proof that the church is
true. Nothing bad will support christ and nothing good will deny christ. If
they feel good in the church, its because of the spirit. That night the
couple prayed together and had a dream that they enterned in the temple
together and never felt happier. When they woke up they said they felt a
thirst of the temple and their goal is to go there now. WORD

The church is true the Dustin is blue
Elder Morrow


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