January 15, 2018


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Re: **BYU essay**

OKay so the first activity that helped me a lot was cross country. Nothing
in my life was as hard as running 5 kilometers (3.14 miles) as fast as i
can. I remember that the whole week i was stressed out and nervous just for
a race. However I joined cross country because i wanted something that
taught me to push myself. When I joined the team i was alright. I wasnt the
fastest neither was i the slowest. However i really wanted to make it on
the varsity team. So when summer break came i decided to run. The arizona
summers are really hot and get up to 120 degrees so the only time i could
run was early in the morning and late at night. So while the other racers
were enjoying summer break, i was waking up early to run and staying up
late to run. I remember that each day I wanted to die, but i had
established a goal and i wanted to reach that goal. After summer had
passed, we had the qualifying varsity race. The first even people to win
would make it on varsity. The race started and i had gotten a lot better
than i had imagined. I came in third place and i was so happy with my
performance that i was motivated to push myslef even more. After many races
my time was impoving and my durastic change had inspired other runners to
better their times. Our team started winning races. After five races the
coach called me to be one of the captians and we made a goal for our time
to make it to states. This meaned that everyone would have to improve their
times by 40 seconds, including me. After lots of training and TONS of
running, the qualifying race to go to state we did our besty performance
yet. I even reached my personal goal to beat 17 min and gain a medal at
regionals. Cross country taught be how to establish goals and make plans to
reach my goals. I am very thankful for the decision i made to do cross
country. Even though it was hard, it ended up being very rewarding and
satisfying. Nothing is better than the satisfaction of reaching your goals.

On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 4:25 PM, Treston Morrow <> wrote:

i dont understand i didnt already do this
On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 2:44 AM, Morrow Mail
Treston, I was checking on your BYU application and noticed that the
activity question that I said we would write about is really a TWO -PART
QUESTION sooo I need YOU to answer them and then dad will edit them. The
deadline is in 2 and 1/2 weeks so WRITE THEM NOW.... “Thoughtfully consider
extracurricular activities you have been involved in and select 2 to write
about. Choose 2 that will help us get to know you as an individual.”
1. Please provide a short description of the specific activity (cross
2. Why did you choose to participate in this activity? How have you
benefited from your participation?
*And then answer the same question for scouting or biking or whatever is
your second activity.
Love you. - Mom


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