January 29, 2018


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the best week of the mission again

Well this week was awesome.
We had Ivonì´s baptism! She is a member´s mom and we actually found
her through a service project so that´s cool. She was way happy.
So this week we had been working our butts off and when Sunday came
around we ended up bring 11 investigators to church #woohoo
Ueslie, our recent convert has been doing awesome. He helped all the
members with the fundraiser that had for the youth camp and all the members
love him. He had been doing so good that his parents noticed that something
was different about him. So they got intersted and went to church. They
signed up for self sufficient class and said that when they get a job they
will get baptized! All because of Ueslie! Man i love the mission!
During Ivoni´s baptism, Ueslie bared his testimony. He talked about
the first time that he prayed and recieved an answer about the Book of
Mormon. He told us that he had a dream where Elder S. Pinherio and I were
put on a path guiding him to church. When he told this story the spirit was
so strong. There were a lot of teary eyes that night. It´s cool to know
that people so oung can be so spiritual. Ueslie is an example to all of us.
We reached the mission´s standard of excellence!!! 1 baptism, 10
baptismal dates, 10 investigators at church, and 15 new investigators.
President is happy as heck.
Man its really sad to think that ill have to go home one day. Lost of
missionaires on the mission start to miss their homes a lot. But all
missionaires will one day return home but never will return to the mission.
They can return to the mission as a normal person but never again as a
single missionary and that makes me sad as heck. I´m taking advantage of
every moment i have and I´m going to give it my all these last six months.
Love you all
Elder Morrow
1. Cheetos squad
2. Ivoni is funny as heck
3. Ivoni and her baptism


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