August 21, 2017


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1 year!!!!

Well folks I was officially ordained a missionary one year ago
That´s crazy as heck. So this week was another awesome week here in
Montanha ward. We had two baptisms that were awesome. Jorge, a members dad,
and Fernanda, a single mom that moved to our area about 5 months ago. They
were both very ready to be baptized so that was awesome. Jorge has known
the church for a long time since his son in law served a mission and his
daughter was baptized 10 years ago. However, Jorge never really liked any
of the missionaries or the church. I beleive that everyone has a time when
they are ready to receive our message. One day we went there to each lunch
when randomly Jorge got interested in our message. He then accepted to be
taught. It took a long time for him to be ready to be baptized and accept
our church but in the end her truly converted. Rodrigo, his son in law got
to baptize him and his daughter, Carol, got to give a talk at the baptism.
It was awesome.
Well I got do some visits with Elder Alexis the missionary from
Haiti. He´s the most powerful missionary I´ve ever seen. I learned a lot
from him in those couple of visits.
We had a job fair this saturday in Viamão. Basically a huge fair
where all the members and investigators can go to get jobs, free courses,
interviews, and more. Our zone had to help at the reception. So that was
really fun. We had a lot of our recent converts come. Viamão´s biggest
problem is that no one has a job here. It´s funny because each city on the
mission has a problem. In Camaquã everyone had depression and here in
Viamão no one had a job lol.
So we´ve been teaching Luciana´s husband. Luciana is Catiana´s
sister (the family that we re-activated and after baptized all her kids).
She lives on the same acre as Catiana but lives in another house. I´m not
sure if that made sense but you get the idea. Well she is a really strong
member but she started living with sydney about 6 years ago and they have
kids and everything but they are´nt married. So we have to marry them so
that Luciana can particapate in the classes. Well Sydney is this old fart
that doesnt want to get married because he will loose the money that he
recieves each month from his last wife that passed away. Sydney is alreay
rich as heck he owns 3 huge stores and like 10 house that he rents to
people. So I went there with a member this week and roasted the heck out of
him. We talked about sacrifices and Luciana started crying and Sydney was
confused because he´s old so i just started preaching repentance and
eventually he gave in. The will start the wedding papers today:)
I´d like to give a big thanks to CTR 4 and CTR 7 for sending me
letter and pictures that was awesomme!
It´s crazy to think I´ve been here on the mission one year.
I´ve grown so much and I´ve had the oppurtunity to be a tool in the Lord´s
hands in helping a lot of people come to the gospel.
I love you guys!!
Elder Morrow
1. Fernanda!
2. jorge!!
3. Everyone!!!

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