August 28, 2017


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Well this week was kinda crazy the mission has gone wack

So transfers came this week. Me and Elder Araújo visited everyone
saying goodbye because we were sure that one of us would leave. But
randmoly these dudes tell me that Elder Araújo and I will stay another
transfer together. That will make four transfers with the same companion in
the same area. This is the first time this has happened on our mission with
President Cruz. Good thing I like Elder Araújo because 6 months with the
same dude in the same área is crazy.
Well other than that not much has happened. We´ve been teaching this
13 year old boy named João. He is funny as heck. He´s really fat and
hilarious so ouir Ward loves him. We are preparing him and his cousin to be
We had a elders quorom barbeque this week so that was cool. We
brought quite a bit of recent converts and investigators there. For my one
year I burned a tie and ate some X (a brazilian hamburger thing) so that
was good.
Our stake well be dividing in two weeks so Im really pumped for
Sacrement meeting was really good and there were some great talks so
I´d like to quote some.
One of the talks was about conversion. The speaker compared conversion to a
baby being born. He talked about the first seven weeks of pregnancy and the
growth rate of the baby. He then compared it to a story that Gordin B.
Hinckley told of a boy he baptized in europe. Gordin B. Hinckley baptized a
boy very briliant with lots of potential in England in his last área. That
boy had a seed of testimony planted in him. When Hinckley finished his
missionary service he found out that a church leader was very harsh with
that boy because of an error that the boy made. The boy ended up leaving
the church. Years later Gordon returned to visit the boy (now a married
adult) but it was too late. That little seed of Faith had died. Really it
is very important to take care of recent converts. We have the
responsibility of helping them for two years after baptism on our mission.
That seed they have after baptism has to grow and we need to nurture it.
This talk really helped me see the importance of having patience with
recent converts and the desire to Always help them.
Have a great week it randomly got hot as heck here
Elder Morrow
1. one year!!!
2. João
3. João and andrey!!


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