September 4, 2017


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Viamão is crazy as heck

This week was awesome full of great stories man I love the mission.
So first of all the local leaders of Brazil recieved revelation that
instead of focusing on families we need to now focus on the youth. And if
we focus on the youth the families will come. So this week we did street
contacting with just youth. It gave GREAT results. Te youth think we are
funny as heck so they always let us in their house and then the parents
already like us and accept a message. The local leaders really are men
inspired by God.
Speaking of youth we had a youth family home evening at the church
and it was freaking crazy. So the whole week we are inviting a bunch of
youth to go this activity but NO ONE has a car or ride to get to the church
and none of the members could give a ride so we had to dpo mission
impossible. After our great planning we came up with a scheme to bring 15
youth to the activity through Uber rides and adult investigators brining
the youth to the church. So we had it all planned out from 6-7:30 we would
stop at 4 places each place with 4-5 youth waiting for us to pick them up.
Well we get to the first house that has 4 youth waiting for us and the plan
was to call an uber. Well we get there and the uber account of one of the
youth stops working. And no one else had space on their cellphones to
download the app. Man, teenagers. Well we start freaking out. After about
an hour of calling 50 members we get another member to call Uber for us. By
the time Uber arrived it was 8:00 and the next place we had to get to was
one kilometer away and if we didnt make it there before 8:05 the adult who
would take us and the other group of youth would have to go to work. Good
thing I did Cross Country because we hit a kilometer in about 5 min just to
get there in time. The other two places we had members pick up the youth.
So in the end it was the biggest youth activity the ward has ever seen. We
brought 15 youth and even better a majority of them went to church on
Sunday!! João (my fat best friend) even bore his testimony. It was great.
We had this one member ,Samoel, bare his testimony about miracles. He said
that two years ago he was the only youn man in the ward. He had to pass the
sacrement alone and everything. And today in the young mens class they had
more than 15 young men and in the youth class there was more than 25 youth.
He started crying and I felt so happy that we could help the youth grow in
this ward.
We also had Andrey´s baptism! He is also a youth. It´s pretty awesome
becaus he is so excited to be apart of the church. His dad is a crack
addict and his mom takes controled medicine so the church is reall changing
his life. He was baptized on his birthday and turned 13 years old. The ward
threw a party for him. Man I love this ward.
ALSO we had Catiana and Cleber´s wedding! They are now legally
married and can be sealed in exactly 6 months! Man I´m so happy we could
find them and help baptize their kids, reactivate them, and more imortantly
help them be an eternal family.

The mish life is the best life.

Elder Morrow
1. Andery´s baptism, we let this youth baptize him that we a re preparing
him for a mission
2. Andrey and cake
3. Wedding!!!

de vírus.


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