September 18, 2017


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The best area

Well well
This is surely the best area of the mission. So I got here and Elder O.
Rodrigues was pretty discouraged. Its his last area in a area that isnt
known for having many baptisms. But yall know I dont give a freak about
that. I arrived at all the members housing being excited and happy as heck
and it started to spread. Elder O. Rodrigues got really excited. Then we
got to this family of Jeohava´s wintesses house and ALL OF THEM WANT TO BE
BAPTIZED. We excited as heck. This area reminds me a lot of Camaquã and
i´ve truly learned to love the city. Its so quite here and everyone sleeps
at like 8:00 pm. I think this city doesnt even have sin. I think it could
be exalted. Like the city of Enok that entirely was lifted into the
heavens. Well at least I´ve been telling that to the members.
Anyways the church building is a pretty much a cardboard box (joke)
ok not really but it is small. But we are getting a new church building on
the 7th of october and its way sick. Its behind our house and in the center
of the city so it is a pretty great time to be serving here in Arroio dos
Ratos. About a month ago the area had sisters here so everything is clean
and our house has couches! tell me that isnt the best.
I had a pretty cool experience on Sunday. I´ve been telling everyone
that we are going to fill up the youth´s class full of youth. Anyways I was
on splits with a member picking up this less active girl to go to church.
Well it ends up that the less active girl wasnt in her house and was at her
aunts house. Well we get to the aunt´s house and she doesnt seem to be
there also. So I decided to say a prayer to find someone to go to church.
Randomly one of her cousins answers the door. I invited him to come to
church with us and he accepted. Then he invited his two older sisters and
all three of them came with us. Elder O. Rodrigues picked up four other
youth also. So we ended up taking 7 youth investigators to church. It was
Well all is good in the hood
the church is true the book is blue
Elder Morrow
1. Elder O. Rodrigues


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