September 25, 2017


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another great week

Well another great week here in Arroio dos Ratos
We are working are butts off and seeing tons of results! We had a
mission conference in Porto Alegre on Tuesday and I had to give a training
on our dependance on God so that was cool as heck. Also I learned a ton
from President and Sister Cruz.
We find some families and have been working a ton with about four
families. Three of the families came to church so that was pretty cool and
the attendance shot up to 66 people. We also decided to have an activity
with the youth and we brought a lot of less actives and investigators and
played a jeopardy game and everyone loved it. Also we started a choir
because Elder O. Rodrigues plays piano. Everyone in the branch is starting
to get pretty excited. Also we will have the dedication of our new church
building in two weeks!!! It´s going to be great.
I gave a talk on Sunday about attitude. I´ve really learned in this
area that our attitude can change everything. We cant choose the cards we
are dealt with but we can choose how we play them. I know i was called to
be in this area so I´m going to take advantage of every minute. I also
talked about recent converts and when they first meet the church they are
really excited because there life changes but after some time they get
kinda bored and discouraged from church. This is a normal thing that
happens to us because the apostle Peter said "its needed to have
tribulations to enter into the kingdom of God." All of us as members will
have trials because we need these trials to enter into God´s precense.
Also Sister Cruz gave a talk in the training about being a mom. Shes
was talking to the Sister missionaries but us Elders were present. She said
that when she was a young mom she wanted to work because she likes leanring
new things and she is good at it. But President Cruz said that he wanted
her to stay at home and take care of the kids. She said at first that it
was hard for her to give up her job and carrier but now she´s realized that
it was the nest decision of her life. She said the best thing she´s felt is
when her kids thank her for teaching them the prinicples of the Gospel. Her
kids wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for her sacrifice to stay at home
and raise them in the gospel. I´m not sure why I´m sharing this in my email
but I felt the spirit really strong when she shared this experience.
This week i will stay with an American on interchanges because Elder
O. Rodrigues has to go to one of our districts to help the apostasy thats
happening there.
Enjoy your conference weekend. "It isnt a week without church but a week
full of church!" - the famous Brigham Young
Love you all !
Elder Morrow
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