October 9, 2017


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a week in paradise

Man I love the mission,
Well this was Elder O. Rodrigues´s last week. Man he is a heck of a
missionary. We worked our butts off. I stayed in splits with members and
Elder O. Rodrigues stayed with Elder Patricio knocking on doors. Then we
switched. In the end it was the best week of my mission.
To start off the new chapel opened this week and it is SOOO fricken
pretty. The old chapel was like a broken down house but this new chapel is
like a pretty white mansion. So Saturday was the open house and we had a
lot of visitors. All the members are really excited. After we had the
baptism of the J witnesses. It was even more awesome. So Almir has cancer
and isnt able to walk very good. Also the new baptismal font they made is
just big enough for the water UP TO OUR KNEES. WHO MADE THIS FONT. Anyways,
me and Elder O. Rodrigues baptized Almir kind of laying down in the water.
Then I baptized Rosani on my knees hahaha. Thne Patricio baptized Agatha
which actually worked out well. In the end it was way spiritual. Agathas´s
friend came to watch the baptism and felt the spirit so strong that she
also wants to be baptized. We also saw many miracles in our teaching. Man
we are getting really good at teaching. Doing direct invites, inspiring
questions, and really restating what they say shwoing them that we are
listening to them. It is going great.
Sunday we had a lot of investigators come for the open house.
Presidente Cruz called us and said this is one of the biggest growths
Arroio dos Ratos has ever seen so he has decided to put another set of
missionaries in our area. So are area will be divided. I am officialy in
one of the smallest areas of the mission. Elder Patricio also became a Zone
leader so I will train him to be a zone leader even though I´ve only been
one for 4 weeks lol.
But at the end of the day I end up saying the same things: That the
mission is the happiest place in the world. Rosani, after the baptism said
that she has been praying for the last ten years that her spiritual thirst
would be quenched and never felt satisfied in the Jeohavah witnesses. And
last night she said that she has found her real answer and isnt sad or
depressed anymore but has pure joy that she has found the true church of
christ. I´m so grateful for the mercy God has for me putting me her in the
mission field. The mission is preparing me for my real life so I will be
able to overcome trials and have joy. This transfer will be good.
Love you guys
Elder Morrow
1. Almir Rosani and Agatha´s family
2. Elder O. Rodrigues saying bye to president fontella´s family
3. baptism!


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