October 16, 2017


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week of rain

Well this week rained a lot.
It is not easy to knock on the doors in the rain. It poured rain for
five days straight without stopping. So to find new investigators we
decided to clean out the area book. I´ve never had a good experience from
the area book but because of the rain no one would answer the door so we
decided to look up some old investigators. It was the saddest thing I´ve
seen no one was interested. So after some time finding we decided to say a
prayer and asked God for an experience from the area book. We tried the
last house on our list and we find a family of 6 really good. There grandma
was taught by the sister missionaries about a year ago but now the whole
family lives there. It was really cool and I was really happy that we could
teach them.
This week I´ve been really been dependent of God. I know that without
Him in this work we can´t do anything. We are simply his tools. In our
mission, our numbers are posted on the mission email to our zone. So my
zone will see my numbers. Our mission president has set a standard of what
we are capable to do in this zone full of branches. Lots of people think
this zone is one of the hardest of the mission and that some of the numbers
are´nt possible to reach. As a zone leader I have to motivate them that it
is possible to baptism in these small branches. However, If my zone sees
that I am struggling as a leader in the key indicadores (bringing
investigators to sacrement meeting, finding new investigators, baptizing
ect...) they will lose their faith that it is possible to baptize. So with
that being said, I have strived my hardest each day and after left the rest
with God to help our zone and I have seen many miracles. Each day I see the
hand of God in our work. Many areas were shut down and many missionaries
were white washed in however each of them are having success. I have truly
been learning to be dependent. I need the Lord´s help each day.
It´s been a week full of miracles and the new missionaries living with
us are really exciting to open the other side of our area. Elder Patricio
and I are getting along well and he is start to shake of his old mission
office habits haha. We had a family home eveing with a big family and I,
Treston Jarel Morrow, made amercian pancakes from scratch. I´m proud of
The church is true the book is blue
Elder Morrow
1. family home evening
2. service project (taken by elder patrício)
3. Elder Balladares has crocs! #croclyfe


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