October 23, 2017


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i dont even know what happened

Well this week we fought against Satan and his army,
I have never had a week like this on my mission. Here´s what happened: Well
we had Graziela´s baptism marked for this Saturday everything was ready to
go. Friday night Grazi´s best friends mom, Sandra, who is one of our
ex-investigators who hates us because she read ant-mormon websites decided
to stop Grazi from being baptized. She threatend Grazi that if Grazi was
aptized she is no longer allowed at her house and is no longer allowed to
play with her kids. So we get to Grazi´s house two hours before to pick her
up for the baptism and everyone is worried. They explained what had
happened and that she wasnt sure if she could give up her friends for
baptism. We bared our testimonies and I´m not sue how but Grazi decided she
would be baptized. Randomly Sandra calls Grazi´s mom and says that she is
coming to Grazi´s house to pick her up and take her to her house to prevent
her for being baptized. I´m like WHAT THE HECK. So we take off to the
baptism. On our way to the baptism a friend of Grazi´s mom saw us and
called Grazi´s older siblings who are anti-mormon. We get to the church and
her older brother calls her mom saying that Grazi shouldnt be baptized. The
mom kinda ignored her call. Well when Grazi was already in white clothing
to be baptized her older sister called saying that our church is bad and of
satan and that she was sending someone to pick Grazi up IN THAT VERY
MOMENT. IM LIKE ARE YOU INSANE. She told Grazi´s mom to take Grazi and take
off running in the street. Grazi´s mom said "but she´s already dressed in
white clothing?" and Grazi´s older sister said,"I DONT CARE TAKE OFF
HAPPENING. Lucky for us we have been teaching Grazi´s mom and she
understood the importance of baptism. However was worried of what her older
kids would think of her. She asked Grazi "is this what you really want?"
and Grazi said "Mom this is what I really want." Man that was awesome. She
was baptized. After the baptism we went to invite an investigator to church
when this drunk dude start yelling at us calling us demons. we just igorned
it but then he started getting really mad. He was about 4 houses from us
and there was three fences inbetween us and him. Well randomly the dude
gets like possed and starts breaking down his neighbors fences to kill us.
I´m not even sure why he was mad we were just walking on a street. He broke
the first fence, then the second, then he ran into his neighbors house,
pushed his neighbor on the ground, picked up his neighbors shovel and
started charging at us yelling "demos leave my presense". Man I was tempted
to beat the crap out of him because that was not the day to mess with the
missionaries. Well he went to hit Elder Patricío but luckily he missed. We
took off running and he chased us for aobut two blocks. He actually ran
freakin fast for a drunk guy.
Anways teh next day we were worried sick because the other missionaries
told us that Sandra tried to pick up Grazi to take her to her house to
prevent her from being confirmed. We said a prayer together and went to
Grazi´s house. We get there sunday morning and she was there ready and
waiting for us. Man I never felt more happy in my life. This whole
experienced has grown my testimonyso much. This church is 100 percent the
curch of christ and i´m grateful so much for the oppurtunity to serve in
this area. This is for sure the greatest area on the mission. God always
overcomes the enemy. Always.
Love yáll
Elder Morrow
1. Grazi´s baptism
2. The district
3. The family that we baptized two weeks ago giving lunch for the
missionaries now:)


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