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Re: BYU essay Q-#3

One of my greatest failures turned out to be a blessing that helped me in
every aspect of my life. When I was 15 yearsold I worked as a part time
employee in a landscaper company. Each evening I would go to the company
base and load up all the materials that the landscpers needed for the next
day. After about two years I decided I was done with the brick loading and
wanted to work in an enviroment a little easier. A New Dairy Queen opened
up in our little city of queen creek and they were accepting all candidates
that applied. I put in my application early and waited to get the job.
After about one month, many of my friends and other applicants recieved the
job. They then put out another sign saying they needed even more workers. I
was kinda confused because they didnt call me in. I decided to apply again.
Another month passed by and many more of my acquantences were called to
work yet I wan not called. How embarrasing. A minimual wage fast food
restraunt and they dont want me to work? I went in one day and asked the
boss why i wasnt considered for the job. He got pretty nervous and said
that one of his managers would call me and explain why. That night I was
called by obe of the managers and he said I was not called because I was a
"mormon." I couldnt beleive it. I wasnt able to work at a fast food
restraunt because I was mormon. I was really confused because I knew that
some of the members of the church were working at that Dairy Queen. I asked
the manager why the other members of the church were able to work there but
not me. He got a little confused. He said that he didnt know they were
members because *I was the only person on the application that had stated
church service for the LDS church. *I didn´t beleive it. I was denied a job
for having served in the church. I was humiliated. In a sad manner I
returned to my landscaping job in the scortching hot sun and worked there
until I graduated. I was irated that my friends that were making ice cream
were making the same amount of salary as me while I was loading up bricks
in the 100 degree, Arizona spring. Little did I know of the blessings that
would come. After graudiation, thanks to my landscaping expereince,I was
called to work full time on a crew of another landscaping company. I would
have to work from 5am to 3pm in the 112 degree summer but I would make a
lot more money. I did the counts and realized that If i worked all the
hours that I could, i would be able to pay off my mission. It was extremely
hard. I was the only American with a lot of hispanics that did´nt speak
English. We had to lay rock almost every single day. My arms wanted to cry.
I arrived each day in my house with blisters on my hands and sweat on my
back. I slept from at nine and woke up at 4am every day. After about a
month I soon got used to the schedule. I actually started to enjoy to work
hard. After four months of working I saved up all the moeny for my
mission. I was sent of to a mission in Brazil. Thanks to that landscaping
job, I had learned before my mission how to work hard. I applied that hard
work on my mission and was able to have a lot of success. I am so grateful
for being denied at that Dairy queen. If i had worked there I would never
have been able to pay off my mission and more importantly never would have
learned to *love to work hard. *I know that trials are to help us grow.
Trials are what make us strong.

Mom use this story and word it in fancy words and english and 2000 caracters

On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 11:58 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

This is a 2 part question. PLEASE READ BOTH before answering.
1. Briefly describe a time that your efforts have fallen short, a goal was
not accomplished, or an aspiration was not achieved. (500 characters)
2. What steps did you take to recover from this defeat? What resources did
you use? How and why are you different today? (2000 characters)


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