November 6, 2017


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This was a great week!
Well this week was hard as heck. We had leadership council on Tuesday
which was really cool. President just roasts us for three hours. Then on
Friday we had a zone conference with 50 missionaries. I was incharge of the
meeting so Me and Elder Patrício decided to give a training about attitude.
Attitude really makes a difference on everything. We just got to stay
We had a conference in Charqueadas which was really cool. All four
branches went there. Sadly we just brought ine investigator. This week we
are goiung to work a lot on finding new people to teach because our pool of
investigators is starting to die out. No one here makes sense so people get
mad at us for being missionaries and automatically dont like us. This week
a women we are teaching started cussing us out because the branch activity
was canceled. We dont have anything to do with that so I´m not sure why she
was mad at us. Anyways, this week we will have to work our butts off.
Well I dont have much time but an experience really cool happened.
We were just walking to a commitment when a huge rain storm hits us. We
were like soaking wet and we had no where to take cover. Randomly this man
shouted for us to enter in his house. We ran to his house and he gave us a
towel to dry off. Also we decided to teach his family the restoration and
they accpeted the message really well. After the message the rain
completely stopped and we were able to continue are visits. It was cool.
Well have a great week
Elder Morrow


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