May 22, 2017


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This week was great

So this week was fantastic
Carol and Marciel were baptized and their baptism reunion was very
spiritual with all the young women crying haha. Also Elder Hale, an
american Elder that served here about a year ago but everyone here still
loves him to death, returned to visit everyone! So that was pretty cool to
talk to him and pick up some referals. He has a straight up duff returned
missionary beard. Don´t worry mom I wont ever do that.
Also this week a member said that he was at a birthday party and
had talked to a someone their about the church and they were interested so
this member took us to their house this week. Turns out this is a family of
seven people. Also the parents were baptized as kids, group up in the
church, completed seminary, met at a stake dance, but ended up licving the
church fpor 22 years just becasue he had to work on Sunday. So all of the
seven kids have no idea what the church is because the oldest is 21 years
old. Also the mom, Katiani, lost her sister about a month ago adn her
sister died as a faithful member of the church. This family was so ready to
be taught. So we started teaching the heck out of them. I don´t think I´ve
ever felt the spirit so strong as when we dedicated their house. All seven
of them were at church sunday and also 3 of the kids have baptismal dates
and the others have wedding dates:) Sunday we visited them with our ward
missionary leader and the Spirit was glowing. E. Araujo received revaltaion
that the 14 year old son, Eric, would serve a mission one day. Everyone
started crying even outr ward mission leader (exept for me because i was a
fricken man) and it was awesome. This family is so special.
Well, what can we learn from this. Members: be open about the gospel.
I´m not saying to be that member that just goes around preaching and doesnt
have any friends but instead be brave about the gospel and who you are. All
this started because a member was open about who he is at a birthday party.
As members we have millions of elects that are ready to be taught just in
our personal circle of friends. Be loud.
Have a great week!
Elder Morrow
1. Carol and Marciel
2. Elder Hale and twin members (a family he baptized)
3. Splash


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