May 22, 2017


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Re: Baseball and prom

love you mom things are awesome

On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 1:32 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi Elder Morrow,
This week was about Dayson's baseball finals and Sage going to Mormon
Prom. Dayson's team did so well in the finals! They never lost until they
played the ranked #1 team but they gave them a good fight. So they got 2nd
place and we were happy about that! Dayson had such a great coach. So good
at teaching them the basics and being patient and being positive. Dayson
was blessed to have him.
The other big news was Sage going to Mormon Prom. I'll let her tell you
all about that. That girl looked so dang gorgeous! So stunning! Really-
wow, she looked so beautiful! I'll send pictures.
Tell us about the investigators that want to get baptized. It was great to
Skype with you. You are not the same high school graduate boy that left in
August. You have grown so much in your testimony and understanding of the
gospel and our Savior, and into a remarkable young adult. I love what you
are learning and becoming. Continue to be a humble servant of the Lord. We
are His hands and mouthpiece.
I miss you son. Glad you love your mission. I love you so much. Thanks for
choosing me to be your mom : ) Have an amazing week.
Love, Mom


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