May 29, 2017


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another week in Viamão


So this week was pretty dang cool I´m not going to lie. Everything is
looking good for Cleber´s family this Saturday. Also we had a mission visit
from President Costa. Man he is cool as heck. He taught me a ton in his
talk about missionary work. He gave us examples of how to contact people in
the streets and while knocking doors that I had never thought of before. He
also said the most effective way to baptize is doing family home evenings
with the neighbors of members. Like we invite the family of members to make
an invitation for their neighbors and then we walk to the door with the
family and they give the invite to the neighbor with cookies. Literally no
one turns that down. We are trying this in our area today with a pretty
cool family so I´ll tell you how that works out.
So some crazy stuff have been happening with Cleber´s family.
Caetieli, the wife, sad she had a dream that we were sent here by Patricia
(her member sister that passed away recently). Also Elder Araujo was
bearing his testimony when randomly the mom start balling and says she sees
Patricia every time Araujo speaks. Man Araujo is a man of power. Also
araujo´s birthday is the same freakin day that Patricia died which is also
the same freaking day of thier baptism that will happen this week. Tell me
that aint a coincidence.
During one of our lessons with their family Araujo was telling us how
hard his life was with his family growing up without the church and his dad
drinking before they knew the missionaries. Then Cleber shared his story
how his family disowned him after he joined the church when he was 15 years
old. Then Caetieli shared her story when she was baptized 16 years old and
how her parents were really hard on here. After they all shared their
horrible childhood stories they looked at me and asked what my sad story
was. I had never really thought about how lucky I am until that very moment
because i could´nt think of anything. All my life I´ve had great parents
who raised me with love and with gospel principles. I can say that I cannot
remember one time that my parents had really fought or arugued or anything
of the type. They asked me how my parents were married for 20 years without
having a serious fight. I simply said, "Because my dad said that my mom
loves the gospel more than him." Everyone laughed.
So for all of my friends that are getting married so freaking fast,
remember find someone that loves the gospel first.
ps. its been raining everyday every minute
Alright have a good week.
Elder Morrow
1. family home evening with Cleber´s family and some members


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