June 5, 2017


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a good week

Hey everyone,
This week was great. We had the baptism of Eric, Helana, and Mateus. The
baptismal reunion was great and they had quite a bit of family members come
so that was good. Helana has a broken leg so we had to wrap a bag around
her case and i had to like carry her in the water but it all worked out in
the end.
So our Stake (Stake Partenon) has 9 wards and is going to get divided
into Stake Viamão. So the missionaries in the stake (they are 18 of us)
have the awesome oppurtunity to bring our investigators and ourselves:) to
the stake conference and guess who is going to be there to divide the
stake? Dallin H. Oaks! He doesn´t speak a lick of Portuguese but they will
have a translater there to help him out so I´m way excited for that this
We´ve been working a lot more with the members to get new
investigators instead of knocking on doors Especially recent converts. We
are starting to pick up somem good referalls from our lunches with members
also. It´s funny because it always starts like this, "hey you guys know
some one that would like to hear our message?" and they are always like
"i´ve already talked to everyone sorry." And then we be like, "What´s your
calling, and who is less active in you quroum?" Then we get a mountain of
referalls with a bunch of people that were baptized in families that not
everyone is a member which is missionary gold.
Well I felt the spirit a lot this week which was rad
We had a pretty cool experience that reminded us to be obedient. It
was 8:30pm and all our plans fell through so Elder Araujo wanted to go to
our house (missionaries have to stay out to nine). So I decided we would
knock on doors until nine and god would bless us for our obedience. No one
answered and it was raining cats and dogs. After it was nine we returned to
our house and Araujo was pretty upset. Then randomly our phone rings and a
member from first ward gave us a referall of his friend that lives in our
ward that wants to recieve the missionaries. Obedience.
Have a good week folks I´ll be shaken hands with my boy D-Oaks sunday.
Elder Morrow
1. Matues didnt wont to talk a pic so i had to hold that boy down
2. prep for baptism
3. family home evening


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