June 5, 2017


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Re: Ahh, June.

araujo´s birthday is this friday:) should be good. I`m glad summer break is
so fun. I think im in need of a little sun. Things are going great here in
Montanha. I´m loving the ward. I hope everything is going great. Any news
on dad with the stake president meeting?

On Sun, Jun 4, 2017 at 11:49 PM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi Treston.
School is out and summer break is here. Yea! I like the month of June
because there's no talk of back to school, which will happen in July. (Boo)
We had a nice family trip to Rocky Point. We all still like going there.
Will love for you to join us again some day.
I can't wait to hear about the Clebers family and how they are doing.
Thanks for the pictures. They look like a great family. I'm glad you have
happy memories of your childhood and realize that not everyone does (which
is really sad) and that you are blessed to be in a family with the gospel.
Thanks for making me and dad look so good. Ha!
That's great that you love learning from your President. He sounds like a
spiritual giant.
Grandma Lynne's funeral was on Friday. All of Dads cousins came and uncle
Dennis and aunt Linda. It was nice to see them. Dad was asked to speak at
it about memories of Grandma Lynne. He did so well! You know dad, he's
great at public speaking. He was the best speaker. The funeral service was
really nice and good. I'm grateful to know the plan of salvation. It's such
a comfort when someone passes from this life.
Also this weekend I got to be a chaperone for the scout camp Dayson went
to. It was him and 3 other boys from our ward. It was in Phoenix in a camp
called Pueblo Heard. Fun day for them. Archery and BB gun. Swimming.
Obstacle course. Building things. Perfect for boys. I loved being with
Dayson. He told me a few times during it- I love you mom, and that he was
glad I could come with them. Melts my heart. When I tell dad about this, he
says- "how is he going to leave and go on a mission? He needs to toughen
up." Ha! No worries. He will go and be just fine. He has a big brother that
is a perfect example and he looks up to him so much.
One evening at Rocky Point, Sage and I stayed at the lounge chairs on the
beach while the others went to the pool. Sage opened up and just talked and
talked to me. Mostly about guys. Fears. Frustrations. It was so special to
have her confide in me and let me in to her teenage world and mind. I'll
cherish that memory. I love all my kids so much.
I'm glad that you and Elder Araujo are companions and that he decided to
serve a mission. How was his birthday?? I need to mail you both something.
And I guess maple syrup too Ha!
Love you so much.
- Mom


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