June 21, 2017


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in a hurry

Alright guys so these last few weeks have been jam packed so sorry for the
fast emails.
We will be visting the temple today so I switched our p-day from
Monday to today so thats always a joy. We had the baptism of Vitor, a 16
year old stud that for sure will go on a mission. He´s a boyfriend of a
young women in our ward. I love our bishop so we decided it would be best
if bishop baptized him. There baptismal service was great and for the first
time the baptism water was actually hot so that was cool.
It´s cold as heck here so i´m straight dying. Our neighbor was
shot yesterday. Here in brazil, when you steal something the drug
trafficers shoot you in the hand and when you trespass they shoot you in
the foot. So we are going to lunch when we see two dudes walk in our
neighbors house and shoot his foot up. So that duff
obviously tresspased. We had to call the ambulance for him but Elder Araujo
said it will just be 3 months in a cast which i dont believe.
Our house caught on fire because it was raining really hard and
got our electric lines wet so our electric box caught on fire in the front
but us and the neighbors (the other neighbor that didnt get shot) put out
the fire pretty fast and we just went without power for a couple days (very
cold showers).
Weddings are really hard here in Brazil because we have to get
married civily and also in the church. To get married civily you have to
run all over town looking for your updated birth certificate and after
started the wedding the government has to wait 35 days just to approve the
freakin wedding. It´s quite a bit of money but the mission makes a way we
can do it for free We are marrying Caetili and Deivid so we can baptize
them. So in thirty days I´ll let you know how that goes.
We found a new family i´m pretty excited about. It´s a mom
with four kids and we are teaching all of them. Bruna, the oldest daughter
is 16 and went to church with us sunday so they have a lot of potential. Me
and araujo are happy as heck always so thats awesome.
About a month ago they had a weird early transfer again and I
was made District leader here in Montanha which sucks. The other Elders in
our district are really struggling so i´ve been doing a lot of splits with
them and trying to find new investigators so we´ll see how that goes.
I think I´ve hit a point where I dont get tired anymore
So we were watching the josepth smith movie and I couldnt
help to think about how important is to dedicate our life to the work. The
pioneers of a church did everything so we can live comfortably in the
restored church. We also need to be a pioneer and really share this gospel
for others. When we put all our time, strength, and thoughts in Christ,
everything will work out. I invite you all to watch the complete
restoration movie at least one time this week. Everytime i see it, my
testimony is strengthened. I´m talking about the one hour movie on youtube.
Pray for miracles and be obedient
Elder Morrow
1. vitor and bishpo
2. Araujo´s surprise party
3. us and mariana

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