June 26, 2017


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another week

Well this week had its up and downs but still was a great week. We sadly
had a baptism fall through. Mariana is a 22 year old girl with a 2 year old
son. She really understands the gospel and has been loving it. She was
preparing to be baptized this past week but as we were preparing her for
the baptism interview she had a question about marriage. She asked why only
a man and women can be married and not a women and women or man and man. We
explained clearly our douctrine in the family proclamation to the world.
She told us that her aunt is a lesbian and has a wife and is happy. So she
once asked us again why a women and a women can´t be happy together.
Mariana is not lesbian but she was only raised by her mom and never had a
father figure. She said she loves our church and knows the book of mormon
is true however supports gay rights. Sadly if you support gay rights you
cannot be baptized. That is something I did not know until i called the
mission president. Marriage between a man and women is something very
sacred and all members should stand up for it.
Church was great this week. Our recent convert blessed the sacrement
so that was cool. WE brought a new family to church. A mom and her four
kids. Two of the kids are nine year old twins, the other one is a 16 year
old daughter Bruna (dont worry Dad), and a 7 year old boy. They are a very
special family so I´m hoping we can help them progress.
We got to go to the temple Wednesday which was an awesome experiance.
My first time in the porto alegre temple. Its very pretty. This week I had
to do an interview for some Elders in a place called São Tome. After the
interview there was´nt a bus to get back so me and Elder Araujo were stuck
there for about 3 hours but its all good.
The weather here is weird. We mess around with a soccer ball every
pday. I started out pretty rough but im starting to get pretty good. Two of
the elders in our district played on the base of two profesional teams so
they good as heck.
During our lunches with members this week we had some mircales
happen. Each lunch we give a lesson about the importance of sharing the
gospel and after ask for friends or relatives that we can teach. Ofcourse
everyone says they dont know anyone so normally we challenge them to pray
about it and tell us the answer they get the next time we see them. But
this week we decided that the members would pray infront of us asking god
which of their friends are ready. Every lunch we had a name was given
immediatly after they prayer. I know that if we ask God which of our
friends are ready to recieve the gospel, if we pray with a sincere heart,
God will respond.
Me and Elder Araujo particapated in primary Sunday which was fun.
Also I heard my dad got called as bishop. Thats crazy as heck. Good
luck Dad thanks for being an example.

Alright until next time!
Elder Morrow
1. temple
2. some people at church that we brought (this isnt bruna´s family but
those are the twins)
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