July 3, 2017


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Hey guys,
This week was pretty dang great and actually a lot of fun. On Saturday
we had Kamila´s baptism which was really good. Kamila is Carol´s older
sister. Sunday she almost couldnt come to church because one of her kids
got the fever but luckily she made it to sacrament to get confirmed. We are
working a ton with members and we are doing a lot of family home evenings
which is helping us meet a ton of new investigators. This ward is so great.
Elder Sampoio, a missionary that served here, returned to visit the ward
and he will be staying her two weeks so thats awesome. (he also returned
with a duff beard:( please pray for returned missionaries and their facial
Well we also celebrated Eduarda´s 17th birthday which was really fun.
Eduarda is a recent convert that was baptized in another city and moved
here shorty after. She´s dated a dude from mission Porto Alegre North but
they go to our ward. We are teaching her parents. Speaking of her parents
we had a crazy experience this week. Her family lives on the second floor
of a two story house. Her grandparents live on the first floor and are part
of a gospel religion. One day we were teaching Eduarda´s parents when we
finished the lesson we went to the first floor and their were four pastors
waiting for us. Man they were mad as heck. One of the pastors went to shake
my hand and almost broke my hand. I almost had to smack him with the word
of God but I decided to just leave. I think they will return.
Yo two gangs got in a gunfight and killed two dudes on our
investigator´s street. That aint cool.

Alright so we are starting to see lots of progress with Bruna´s family.
Bruna´s mom, Fernanda, loves us. Also her twin siblings love the church.
But Bruna is a little more difficult. One night we arrived at their house
and the mom was really worried. She said that Bruna should have a arrived
45 minutes ago from school. So she sent me and Elder Araujo to search for
her. We start looking for her close her street and I see a couple teenagers
kissing on the street under a light post. I´m thinking "oh crap". We get
closer and its Bruna kissing some dude. I Tell Elder Araujo "Dude if we go
up to her she´ll be embarassed us heck and never will let the missionaries
enter her house again." Elder Araujo says "This is salvation we are talking
about I´m gunna embarass the heck out of her." Elder Araujo runs up to them
kissing and says this, "Hello we are the missionaries of the church of
jesus christ and your mom sent us here and she is going to kill you." Bruna
turned red and the dude looked at us with a wierd look. Bruna says, "Um i
dont even know you guys?" And Araujo says, "you look at your phone right
now and tell me you dont have 18 missed calls from your mom." The dude was
like, "bruna you talk with mormons?" and Bruna was like "No they are lying
i dont know them." Then out of nowhere Bruna´s mom shows up and yells at
her "Bruna you will get your butt back home right now and listen to the
missionarie´s message and after you are grounded." Bruna looked at the dude
and said, "ugh yes I know the Elders and I hate them." Man I have never
laughed harder in my life. I love the mission.
But on the real the mission is the greatest thing. Here on the
mission i have truly never felt more joy in my life. Just like my Zone
leader always tells me "God´s work is the best work. You work for God fr
two years and your blessings are everlasting. Have a great week folks!
Elder Morrow
Ps. Yo i recieved a package from the activity girls from Ranch Ward which
was super awesome. This will help me a lot on my mission. They gave me a
mission survival kit. I truly have the best ward!!!!!!
1. Eduarda and cake
2. Kamila and Araujo
3. Edaurda and her mom and cake


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