July 10, 2017


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The mish life is the best life

Hey bocas de burros
This was another great week in the mission feild. We´ve been working a
lot at the end of our area. Our area is giant but all our investigators are
like an hour walking to the other side of our area. But they are going to
church so i wont complain. Elder Araujo has a watch that calculates how
much we walk and one day last week his watch said we walked 38 km in one
day. Yeah i dont really believe that watch but who knows.
Well weve been working a lot with some families that like us more than
the gospel. Or in other words, they dont actually want to progress in the
gospel but like our visits. This happens quite a lot in brazil. But we have
some families that have a lot of potential so we decided to prepare a
special lesson to help these families progress. Elder Araujo and his family
were baptized when he was twelve years old. He was baptized by an Elder
from Utah and an Elder from Brazil. Both the elders are married now and
have kids. So Elder Araujo´s mom sent him photos of those missionaries now
with their first born kids and their weddings. Here in brazil actually in
the whole world, people are giving up on having a real family. Lots of
girls dont beleive that there are guys worth marrying and lots of guys
think that girls arent worth marrying. So this has created a lot of divided
families here in brazil. Or in other words: people dont believe anymore
that a traditional family exist and came be happy. So we decided to use
this as our topic for a lesson. That families can be eternal and they are
where we find our greatest joy.
So Elder Araujo started the lesson talking about joy then showed the
investigators the photos of "people who have joy." (the photos of the
elders who baptized him and their weddings". The photos were very
proffesional so the investigators thought they were just random weddings we
took from google pictures. Then Araujo asked "what made these people
happy?" And almost all our investigators said, "its a happy couple who got
married but this doesnt even exist." Then Araujo shows the last photo that
was a photo of the two elders teaching Araujo´s family when he was twelve
years old. Everyone was like "What? these people were missionaries!?" Then
Araujo beared his testimony about how the church his life and how happiness
and joy exist in families that are sealed in the temple. Then i bore my
testimony about how marriage isnt a fairy tale but really exists and that
through convenants we make in the temple we can always be happy with are
We had many investigators break down in tears including Bruna´s family
and Caetana´s family.
I know that this church is true and that through the gospel in our homes
we can have the greatest joys. Families were meant to be eternal and I am
so blessed and grateful to be born into a family that already has this
wonderful knowledge. God´s plan is marvilous and perfect. The world wants
to reject this idea and make people think that happiness doesnt exist in
the family. But I know that in my short 19 years of life, I found the
loudest laughs and the greatest happiness in the walls of my home. Never
stop doing Family Home Evenings and always do family prayer and scripture
study. It´s little things like this that give us a celestial foundation.

The church is true and the duff is blue
Have a great week
Elder Morrow

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