July 10, 2017


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Re: It's hot here

what the

since when did we have paddle boards?

Man bishop evans would be awesome

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 2:41 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi son. I always enjoy your emails. That's great that Kamali was baptized!
Crazy about the gangs and shootings. Such a funny story about Bruna kissing
that guy Arajuo calling her out. Haha! I hope those pastors aren't giving
you any trouble.
It's hot here. Starting to get monsoon storms. Only 2 weeks till school
starts : ( : ( so sad.
On the 4th of July we took our paddle boards to Sagauro Lake. We've only
used 1 or 2 at Rocky Point, so this was the first time taking all 4 out
(Dayson rode with Sage) and the first time going to the lake with them. It
was really fun! We watched fireworks from our house that night. Lots in the
neighborhood shooting them off.
The Dale's, our neighbor in the blue house, have their house up for sale.
They want to move back to Chandler. And guess who went and looked at the
house?? Bishop Evans!! He called Dad also and asked about the street and
stuff. They'd be great neighbors and to have in the ward!
Visited new sisters this week and welcomed them to the ward. I like that
part of my calling. I also made changes to visiting teaching. There's
always changes with so many families moving in or out. That's not so fun.
Sage has been hanging out every day with these 2 boys she met at EFY.
There were in her group. They go to Highland. Well one graduated- Jacob-
and has a mission call. The other will be a senior, his name is Tanner. She
says she is just friends with them. Nothing more. They are really polite
and good guys. I'm glad she could finally met some guys that weren't dusch
bags. Now she knows that good, cute guys do really exist. Ha!
Ok. I'm going to bed. I'm excited to get your email and hear about your
week. I pray that you stay warm.
Keep being amazing. Love you so much!- Mom


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