July 17, 2017


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best week of the mish

Yo this week was awesome,
Alright started the marriage of Caetili and Deivid about one month ago
and the day arrived so these week was crazy as heck. So we´ve been helping
them all week. Deivid stopped completly drinking coffee last week so that
was a huge step for us. We got everything marked up in the Notary´s Office
for 4:30pm Friday and marked their baptism for 7:00pm in the same day.
Everything looks like it´s going to go perfect but then Friday arrived. We
get to their house at 4:00 to take them to the Notary´s Office but Deivid
was´nt at his house. He had to go to the center of Porto Alegre to take his
drivings license test and he missed the first bus back home because of a
traffic accident. So everyone is waiting for him. Some time passes, 15 min
30 min 40 min BOOM. The Elders from the other ward call us from the
Notary´s Office to say they already called Caetili and Deivid´s name to get
married. I told them to stall the lawyer as long as possible but they told
me to hurry because the place closes at 5. So I start stressing. We decided
to say a prayer with Deivid´s family. Shortly after he arrived mad as heck.
He said he missed like 6 buses and that he had to walk 3km from a bus stop
to get here. I told him to shut up and put a shirt and tie on him then we
took off. We were going like 3000mph in the car to the Notary´s office. We
got there at 5:15. I´m praying my guts out that a miracle happens and the
Notary´s office doesnt close. I start running across the street to the
LEAVE. I pull that man upstairs to marry these people. Alright everything
is looking good but one thing is missing. The other missionaries from the
other ward had to go back to their house because they forget their
identities to be one of the witnesses of the marriage. As an american I
can´t be a witness. We told the lawyer that the other would arrive in
thirty minutes but he did not want to wait. I started praying my guts out
when randomly a lady from the office yells, "Just let the American be a
witness let´s get this over I want to go home." Man that was music to my
ears. So in the end they got married, I was the first American witness ever
in Viamão (by the way that was illegal as heck man i´m glad brazlians dont
care about the law) and Deivid and Caetili were baptized. We had a giant
barbeque/wedding celebration Saturday which was awesome. Well actually when
we arrived Deivid and Caetili got in a huge fight but luckily a member from
our ward came to give a talk and a blessing on the marriage which made
everything okay.
I knew the mission would be the best two years because everyone
always told me that. However I never could have understood how much joy the
mission would bring. This happiness is a feeling that can´t be put to
words. There is nothing better in the world than to be in the word of the
Lord. How grateful I am to have been called to serve a mission. Sure its
hard but the rewards are everlasting. I know i´ve had some very hard
experiencies but I´ve felt so much joy that I am not able to remember them.
The mission really is the greatest chose to make. I love you all have a
great week!
Elder Morrow
1. Deivid and Caetili
2. Baptism!!
3. Deivid has this tattoo in straight english tell me that aint the
funniest thing you´ve seen I had to take this pic (he got it about a year
ago I gave him advice to remove it dont worry folks)


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