July 24, 2017


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Another week in paradise again

So we had a transfer....... Me and Elder Araujo stayed in Montanha
again! That means on my first year of the mission I will saty in just two
areas. I´m way excited about that because Elder Araujo and I are like best
friends the dude is cool as heck. We also have a bunch of investigators
that I love so I´m glad I´ll be able to stay for their baptisms.
So I´m chilling at lunch this week when randomly the assistents call me
saying they recieved a call from Camaquã (my last area) for me. So they put
me on the line and I start talking to the current missionaries there in
Camaquã. Turns out Patricia (a girl that i baptized in Camaquã) her Dad was
baptized about a month ago and the last person that needed be baptized so
the family could be eternal was her mom, Jane. So randomly they pass the
phone to Jane and she tells me that she only will be baptized if i could
come to baptize her to complete the family. So I get excited as heck. I
call the assistents and they tell me that they think I will be able to
visit Camaquã for one day to baptize Jane but i just need to ask President.
Man I called President to tell him the news and he got mad as heck and
started roasting me. He told me that I was called to serve in a certain
area in a certain time and also the missionaries in Camaquã were called to
serve in that area in this time. I know that God´s plan is perfect so if
its God´s will, Jane will be baptized one day. On the bright side I find
out that Patricia is in the Primary Presidency in Camaquã tell me that isnt
cool as heck.
Well we are working a lot with a man named Josuá. Well he´s 18 so
he´s not really a man but also not really a boy. His only problem is the Coffee kills about a half of the baptisms in the
world i think. He isnt able to stop drinking coffee and its annoying as
heck. We tried everything. We put his coffee under his bed and said when he
felt the desire to drink he would say a prayer and ask god for strength.
That didnt work. So we decided to steal his coffee. He drank the neighbor´s
coffee so that didnt work. We then stole the neighbor´s coffee. He then
drank his bosse´s coffee. We then talked to his boss. He then drank his
client´s coffee. MAN why does everyone drink coffee. I think with Josuá its
just a matter of when he is ready to take up the name of Christ. Maybe it
doesnt have anything to do with coffee.
Fernanda´s family is awesome. Eric passed sacrement yesterday. Vitor
blessed sacrement yesterday and also did baptisms for the dead on
Wedensday. Cleber and Caetani started their wedding journey today. Man I
love life. The greatest joy we can feel in missionaries is when we see the
gospel bring joy to others.

Have a great week!
Elder Morrow
ps. Im starting to beat this Brasilian butts in soccer

just a photo of Vitor because I love him


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