July 24, 2017


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Re: Time for school

Yo a heat wave hit here so its like 80 degrees here in straight winter tell
me that isnt cool as heck. Love you so much Mom. I´m alwyas reading your
emails. Look for flower ties for me!;)

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 1:26 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi son.
School starts in 2 days on Tuesday : ( I'm not ready for summer break to
be over, but oh well, here we go. I try to enjoy every new chapter in life
because time goes by too fast and you don't get a do-over. So Sage will be
a junior, Tess in 8th grade and Dayson 5th grade.
Bishop Dad says he has called a new relief society president. She has to
submit names for her presidency, so my time is coming to an end. I'm sad
but in some ways relieved. It'll be nice to have my thoughts focused more
on my family. I've felt very blessed to be in this calling. I've learned so
much. It was good to serve these wonderful sisters. Also, I've really
enjoyed serving with Bishop Morrow. He runs ward council so efficient and
it's so spiritual and there's good discussion. I'm really going to miss
those meetings. So I guess I have about 2 weeks. But I'll continue to serve
of course, just in other areas. Morrow's find joy in serving.
I loved your email last week. Well I love them every week. But great story
about Caitlin and Devied and all your prayers that were answered. Everyone
loves reading your emails. You are having such great experiences.
I see that it's going to be in the 80's in your area. I hope that's good
and won't be so cold.
Today is 11 months for you. Crazy!
Have an amazing week. Love you so much!
- Mom


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