July 31, 2017


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a girl kissed me in sacrement meeting

Well another week here in the Lord´s work
So I had to go to São Tomé to do some baptism interviews. I
interviewed this 9 year old boy named Carlos who was the most spirtual boy
I´ve met. I asked him what he liked to do and he said "Honeslty my favorite
thing to do is read the Book of Mormon and go to primary." Yo children are
seriously alive in Christ. Our church is so true. We were watching the
Joseph Smith movie the other day with some investigators. At the end there
is a part where Joseph baptizes his dad. Randomly Lucas a nine year old boy
says "What´s that called?" I was like "um baptism." And he randomly goes
"Mom I want to be baptized mom you have to let me." If that aint prove that
the church is true than I dont no what is. All I know is that children
arent asking to be baptized in the Jeohovah Witness´s church thats for
Alright so a miracle happened. This lady named Fernanda just comes up
to us in the street saying she has been looking for the missionaries for 5
months. She lived in Santa maria (another mission) and 4 days before her
baptism her husband ditched her to MARRY THE SISTER THAT WAS TEACHING HER
moved to leave with her parents her. She has three kids so its pretty
difficult for her but she loves our church so we will help her. She came to
church Sunday with her three kids. Her oldest is already baptized. She has
a 5 year old daughter who is adorable. However she just wants to hug and
kiss. I was chilling there in sacrement meeting when Fernanda left to the
hallway to take care of her two year old boy. So I had to watch her 5 year
old daughter on the bench. Well her five year old daughter randomly jumps
on me infront of everyone and gave me a kiss right on my face. All the
members started dying laughing.
Okay so Eric (a young men we baptized) has a friend named Nicolas that
we are teaching. Well Saturday Nicolas was playing soccer on the street
when his dad was returning home from work on his motorcycle. Well this car
randomly comes running a stop sign and runs into Nicolas´s dad and kills
him right infront of Nicolas. Nicolas at first went into a panic shock. The
funeral was Sunday and after the funeral Nicolas felt a huge desire to
follow chirst and follow His church. He is way determined to enter the
church and become a member now. It´s way sad because his mom doesnt even
care about him and the only person that really took care of him was his
dad. However I know that God never gives us a trial that we can´t handle. I
don´t know why but I feel really good about Nicolas. He is only 14 years
old but I know that one day he will serve a mission. The church is true.
I love you all have a great week.
Elder Morrow
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