July 31, 2017


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Re: The school schedule

I havent gotten the package yet but should come soon. I´m pretty excited
about this transfer. I´m also way happy about Tess´s talk that is so cute
of her. Sage cant date.
Allso i love life

On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 2:18 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi son. That's exciting about the Fernando family! And how's Josua and his
coffee habit?
We had the first week back in school. It felt long! Lots of rain this week
too which makes the school schedule more crazy. We will all get settled in
pretty soon.
Dayson's turning 10 on Tuesday! So he wanted to have a friend party on
Saturday. So he invited 5 boys and I took them to Xtreme Air for 2 hours.
Those boys and Dayson had so much fun. Then we went back home and had pizza
and floats and he opened presents. Fun party for him.
Saturday morning I went to Ashlie Jackson's bridal shower. She's getting
married next week to her hs boyfriend and RM- Dalton Gillespie. It was fun
to see Barbara and Tara Jackson, bailey and Julie call, Chloe Tebbs (she
hangs out with Dustin's older brother) Chelsea Parker (Jake his mission
papers in!!) Speaking of missions- Jake Lawson got his call! New Jersey,
Spanish speaking. Mexico mtc Oct 31st.
Today at church was Dallin Hatch's farewell and Savanna's homecoming. And
guess who talked?? (Oh, I think she told you,) TESS! She talked about the
blessings of missionary work. She wrote it all on her own. It was so good!
She read a part of your email where you said (and I'll paraphrase) "I knew
the mission would be the best 2 years because everyone said that, but I
didn't know I could experience this much joy. It's a feeling I can't put in
words but it's the best feeling to be working in the name of the
Lord....But Tess read it word to word from your email. She also said that
Savanna was a great missionary and will continue to do amazing things and
that Dallin will do wonderful things. I was so impressed! She thought of
that all on her own, so thoughtful of her! She also talked about blessings
that come from serving. She got many, many compliments. Savanna and Dallin
did so well too. Dallin even got chocked up at one point during his. Wow.
Didn't know he had that side of him.
Have you asked Sage about Tanner? EFY boy.
Did you get the package yet of the dog device and peanut butter and syrup?
That's great that you and Elder Araujo are still companions! Keep working
hard. Have no regrets.
Love you so much. So proud of you.
Love, Mom


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