August 9, 2017


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You win some and you lose some

Well this week had its ups and downs,
We will be going to the Temple today so p-day was Wednesday this week.
Okay so this week we had planned for Davi´s baptism. Everything was going
good. We went to his house with the Zone leaders to interview him, then
after with the young men´s preident, and with our bishop. The day of the
bpatize we get to his house to tale him to the church when randomly his mom
freaks out. First she says Davi moved to another city and wants nothing to
do with our church. I was like what the heck is this woman saying Davi
loves the church. So we leave the house kinda depressed when randomly we
see Davi playing soccer in the street. We went to take to him and he says
everything is good for him to be baptized he will just get his towel. I was
like "bro your mom told us you moved cities " and Davi just tells us that
his mom is crazy. Well we return to his house to get his towel when
randomly his mom blows up. She starts saying that our church is bad because
we font let people drink coffee and a bunch of other stuff. Elder Araujo
randomly blew up also and had to leave the house. We tried talking to the
mom but she literally wouldnt listen to anything we were saying. She didnt
even let us talk. So in the end Davi sadly wasnt baptized due to his
bipolar mom. BUT that didnt let us down because we worked our butts off
after and brought a bunch of people to church.
We started teaching Nicolas (the 14 year old boy who saw his dad get
killed) and his is a stud. He reads the book of mormon everyday and is
actually memorizing the verses. But his mom is realy beaten up and hasnt
accepted our message yet or let Nicolas go to church so pray that she will
soften her heart.
Bruna´s 16th birthday was this week so we bought pizza (which is
really expensive in Brazil) and ate cake. So that was fun. Here in brazil
its a tradition to throw eggs at the birthday girl. So randomly her
neighbor shows up at the get together and throws an egg right in her face.
I thought that was funny as heck but Bruna didnt think so.
We did a service project Saturday with the ward where we handed out
flyers about mosquito awareness so that was cool.
I would just like to bare my testimony real quick about the
Atonement. We´ve been teaching Fernanda who smokes and she was able to stop
smoking this week. She said that those little cigarretes were destroying
her whole life. She has been smoking her whole life. When we found her she
smoked 20 a day and in one week stopped completely. Thanks to the Atonement
we can overcome all things that come from the world. Being material,
physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual. I´m so grateful that we have
a savior to help us overcome all our little weaknesses. The Atonement makes
everything possible if we put our faith in Him.
Have a great week
Elder Morrow
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