August 14, 2017


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not much happened actually

This week not much happened actually. I did interchanges in the area
next to us. The Elder thats from that area is kinda dead because its his
last transfer. He´s American. So president said i had to go there for three
days. We actually baptized someone there so that was cool but besides that
we knocked on a lot of doors.We had a pretty cool experience at lunch. I
gave the message and invited the member to say a prayer and ask God who is
ready to hear our message. Well randomly he remembers a family of less
actives that live on his street. So we go there and they like love
Americans because it was a companionship of americans that baptized them so
they let us in. Well it turns out its a family of 6 and they´ve been less
active for aobut 8 years. They were less active because they moved from
their last ward to this ward 8 years ago and werent very welcomed in the
new ward so they left. It also turns out that the youngest son wasnt
baptized yet because he was too young when they were active. We left a
message about eternal life. We talked about where they can be in celestial
kingdom and they shared with us their desire to return to church. So that
was a pretty cool experience for a interchange.
Well when I returned to my area everything was kinda a mess. Elder
Araujo was with Elder Barrote ( a crazy missionary that his parents forced
him to go on a mission). Elder Barrote kinda preached apostasy and roasted
everyone. So we had to revisit everyone and kinda fix everything. Man that
dude is straight crazy.
Well besides that we are trying to work harder each week. We need
to work more with getting new investigators. Which means will knock on a
lot of doors and do a lot of street contacting this week. Fernanda and
Jorge are preparing for baptism so we´ll see how that goes.
Once again I´d like to talk about how important a mission is. The
real conversion that happens on the mission is our own. The mission is
literally so important for our own lifes. Its like a life college. We learn
every little thing that we will need for our future lives. It also helps
give us an idea of how important each and every individual is to God. I
know that there is no other work in the world more important than
missionary work. Missionary work comes in two ways, being a missionary and
raising one. Thanks Mom for being a good missionary in raising our family.
Happy Birthday mom!
Elder Morrow
1. Araujo and I
2.Us with our zone leader from Haiti!!!
3. Our sad district


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