August 14, 2017


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Re: Turning another year older

yo the dog device is awesome

i recieved some letters from ctr 4 and ctr 7 tell them that next week i
will email them with responses to their questions

On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 1:34 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi son,
Yes It's my birthday (on Monday). Do you remember last year on August
14th??!? It was your FAREWELL and a really special day. One of the best
birthdays. I'll never forget it. So this year is more low-key. I have a
friend taking me to lunch and as a family we are going to dinner. Tonya
coming too.
Dayson tried out for baseball league- it's called Pony League. (Little
League is in March, so we are doing Pony right now). Try-outs were on
Saturday and he did SO good! Hit all 3 pitches and caught 2/3 pop flys and
all 3 grounders! He got put on a team. Games start in Sept.
Tess auditioned at QCPAC for The Lion King. It's for kids ages 7-14.
Parents aren't allowed to be in the room where they audition but she felt
like she did good and felt confident. She'll find out this week.
I'm flying up to Utah on Friday with Gma to see Tate ( and Melinda and
family) and hear his homecoming talk : ) Wahoo!
How's Nicolas and his mom? How was the temple? I'm so glad you could go.
I visited a completely in- active family last week (even tho I'm not RS
pres) He was really nice. She wasn't as friendly. She texted me later and
said very nicely that she was not interested in coming back to church.
That's free agency, right? But I was glad that I made the effort even if
the result wasn't what I hoped for. Maybe it at least put a good taste in
her mouth about members in Queen Creek.
Ok. Did that dog device come, and syrup and peanut butter?
Have an amazing week. Love you so much!!!
- mom


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