February 20, 2017


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Hey everyone,
This week was pretty good. It had its ups and its downs but a week in
the feild is always good. We had a conference in Pelotas this week where
our president made some big changes. We changed our daily schedule
competely and also all our numbers we report every week. So this week was a
lot of adjusting to changes.
We´ve been teaching a friend of a member named Sabrina. We´ve taught
her for about 6 weeks now and she was preparing for baptism. Well it turns
out she´s like in love with us. For whatever reason, she decided to tell
her crazy mom that she is dating us (us both???) and her mom fliped out.
Her mom called her brothers (27 year old and 19 year old) and they decided
they were going to beat us up. I don´t really talk about this much but
Brazil is straight hood and people get scraped up in the streets all the
time so it was pretty serious. The two dudes were on the look out for us
when Paulo called us and said we could hide in his house. Luckily Paulo´s
family had heard a couple days in advance that they were on the look for us
and they did a family prayer together asking God to protect us. Jessica was
able to contact them on whatsapp (its like twitter for brazil) and got
their numbers. We called them and got the whole thing resloved and we able
to walk home in safety. Dont worry Mom God protects us:) The whole thing
ended up being pretty funny at the end.
We´ve been teaching a lot of people. We have a standard of getting 15
new investigators every week and we´ve been reaching that standard which
has helped us get a lot of investigators at church. We have about 4
investigators that have been to church multiple times and have testimonies
and really are just waiting to feel ready. Its easy to think it´s our time
to baptize these people but really it´s up to them and the Lord. It´s never
about us out here and I develop more and more patience each day.
Elder Caetano is still a boss. He´s pretty dang good at bringing the
spirit when he teaches and he never complains when we have to walk to other
side of the city like my other companions did haha. We´ve been really
working on finding the "elect". We try to find families and men because we
need priesthood holders to become a ward. We found this new family this
week that I really like. Marcos and Beatrice and their four little
daughters. They´re a really sweet family and I hope we can see some
mircales with them.
Yesterday at church, we learned about prayer in gospel priciples.
Randomly Paulo (recent convert) started bearing his testimony on how this
church and the ability to talk with God one on one changed his life. After
Verseli beared her testimony and sure enough Jessica also. They told some
stories I´ve never even knew. It´s crazy to see how the gospel changes
peoples´ lives so much. Also Paulo got a another job that pays way better
than the last one. Really we recieve blessings after trials of our faith.
Sadly I dont have pictures this week but i´ll make up for it next week!
Have a good week.
Elder Morrow


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