March 6, 2017


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Hey everyone this week was way cool
So I´ll start with the bad news, so we had Cândida´s baptism marcked
for tihs Saturday. We visited her Thursday and she randomly said that she´s
moving houses to literally the middle of now where. Its two hours away by
bus and there is like no way she can go to church. I thought it was kind of
sad but also kind of funny. But Elder Caetano was way sad. He started
crying in the room at night because it was going to be his first baptism.
So I had to be beat him up because their aint any crying on the mish. Nah
just kidding but really it was sad so I gave him advice and told him some
stories and he was all better.
Okay the good news. Maryon and Jessica returned from EFY and they are
freakin spiritual giants now. They want to share the gospel with everyone
and their testimonies grew so much. Maryon is really excited to baptise his
grandma in a couple weeks and after his mom. They showed me some pictures
and it looked way fun. A funny side note is that Jessica kissed a dude at
the EFY on the last day and Maryon thought kissing is breaking the law of
chasity so we had to reteach them both the law of chasity again haha.
Okay so we had some miracles happen this week. We taught this family
that are friends of Verseli. Thier names our Laora, jani, and patricia but
let´s jut call them Patricia´s famly. They are way cool but the attend the
church Universal. Universal is this crazy wack church where everyone
screams and falls to the ground. Like have of Brazil attends this church.
They have the church meetings 4 days out of 7 every week and everyone
attends them. Their meetings are seven hours and they have to pay a lot to
get in. So all you people that think 3 hour sacrement meeting is long just
visit Brazil one day and you´ll see how long churches are here. Anyways, we
taught them the restoration and although they didnt agree at first they
were really interested. They invited us over Saturday for a barbeque and Im
not going to lie thats the best meal I´ve had on my mission yet. So we
invited them to church and they accepted.
So Saturday we had three complete families come to church like with
mom and dad and kids which like never happens so I was way excited about
that but also way stressed. Church had to be really good that day so I was
praying that all these families could feel the spirit. For those that dont
know sacrement meeting is the last meeting at church in Brazil instead of
the first. So we had gospel principles first and our gospel principles
teacher who is awesome was at home sick so i started stressing. We had a
last minute sub and I aint going to lie it was a very confusing class and
it was all around just sad. So I was praying that the second class could be
better. Second class was preisthood which was good, BUT it was about
freakin home teaching so all of our investigators were confused as heck.
Okay now I was really stressing. Our last meeting was sacrement, which also
happened to be testimony meeting. For those who arent members, testimony
meetings can be really good or really bad. So I was on the edge of my seat
praying my heart out. At first we had the normal people that always bear
their testimonies. During that first group the microphone randomly broke
and started making the loudest noise until someone eventually turned it
off. So we didn´t have a microphone anymore:)))) Okay after that first
group all the missionaries bore their testimonies. Then their was a long
silence. The bishop eventually bore his testimony to break the silence then
sat down. Silence again. I was stressing.....again. Then Maryon came to
save the day. He stood up and started bearing his tesimony about EFY and it
was way cool. After that shy Verseli randomly stood up and started bearing
her testimony how she had depression before baptism but now she is happy
and just feels peace. Then Paulo decided to bear his testimony. He talked
about how his boss fired him because the day of his baptism he decided not
work. But he talked about how he always trusted the Lord. And now he has a
bettter job that pays more and lets him spend more time with his family. At
this point everyone was crying and I think about every member in that
congregation bore their testimonies that day. Church went half an hour over
but that was the most spiritual testimony meeting in my life. After
Patricia said she had no doubt our church was true. Laora, the dad, felt
the spirit so strong and he will talk with his family about what he should
This gospel brings so much happiness in my life and the life of
others. I cant say enough for how grateful I am to serve here in Camaqua at
this time. Everything works out in the end when we seek first the kingdom
of God. 3 Nephi 13: 31-33
Have a Great WEEK!!!
1. Patricias family!
2. Verseli´s family!
3. Elder Caetano, Patricia (the daughter of the family) and Elder Melo
4. Fat Chillian again!!!!


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