March 13, 2017


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Best week of my life

Yo I love the mission,
So this week was full of excitement. So Saturday was the baptism of
Alfonso (and my Birthday). We decided to have the batismal service in the
morning. We actually had a lot of people come which is way cool. Everything
went smoothly and Alfonso couldnt be happier to be a member of our church.
It was also cool to see Elder Caetano´s first experience baptizing someone.
He was nervous as heck. I love the feeling I feel at baptisms. Its pure joy
and happiness. After the service we got to have lunch at Verseli´s house
(she feeds the missionaries every Saturday now). Lunch there was awesome
and Maryon even came to eat with us. They sang Happy Birthday and
everything it was cool. We wanted to visit them and Patricia´s family at
night but they said they were busy so I was kinda bummed about that but oh
well. After that Me and Caetano visited a ton of people inviting everyone
to church. At the end of the day Elder Caetano said he wanted to swing by
Verseli´s house to say hi real quick. We arrived at the house and it was
way dark but Caetano insisted they hadnt left the house yet. I opened the
door and the lights turned on and everyone yelled "Surprise!!!!" THOSE
HAD BEEN HAPPIER IN MY LIFE. There were like 20 people at Verseli´s house,
a mix of recent converts and investigators. I arrived there and there was a
table full of deserts and food. Church music was playing and everyone was
dancing and laughing. They had a big cake with "19" written in the center
and everyone sang "Feliz Aniversario". They even bought me presents. These
people are really humble and dont have a lot of things and they spent a lot
of money to do all this and I have never felt more grateful in my life. We
finished off the night playing
"Mafia" and eating so much cake. It´s a brazilian tradition to throw eggs
at the birthday boy so when i left the house I getted a face full of eggs
hahaha I love these people.
I think the part I liked the most is the letter they gave me.
Everyone wrote a a little paragraph on the letter. I started reading all
the things people wrote when I got to what Verseli wrote. I started to tear
up. She said "Elder Morrow, I will never forget you. You never will realize
how youve changed the lives of me and my family. Entering the church is the
greatest thing that ever happened to us. Instead of fighting and yelling we
have peace and happiness in our house. I hope that wherever you go,
whatever problem you have, God will be with you and you will never forget
that you and Elder Farias saved our family."
Ive had a lot of good Birthdays (thanks to my loving parents), but
this by far was the greatest. Im so grateful for mission. I truly have
never felt so much joy. If there is anyone at home that is contemplating
about going on a mission, just go. I can promise every single one of you
there is nothing in the world I would trade for this experience. A mission
has no value, the experiencas we have are priceless and the friendships we
make our everlasting. Camaqua has a huge part of my heart. We have a
transfer next week and I know that if I leave, I will know that i gave it
my all here in Camaqua.
I love you all have a great week.
Oh and shout out to my mom and dad that was way cool how they sent me
cards of everything you guys wrote. My parents are the best!
Elder Morrow
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