March 20, 2017


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Elder Todd D. Cristopherson came

Yo this week was awesome
So first off, transfers came and I will stay in Camaquã to finish
training Elder Caetano. So thats cool but I´m literally going to stay at
least 8 months in my first area so thats kinda crazy. Elder Mardones and
Elder Melo, the other Elders that work in the other half of Camaquã, shut
their freaking area so both of them were transfered. I´m going to miss that
fat chillian :(.
So we had a conferience this week where Elder Cristopherson came and
it was actually crazy as heck. So friday night we went to Pelotas and slept
with some missionaries there. At 3am a bus picked us and our zone up in
Pelotas and headed to Porto Alegre (a four and a half hour trip). There
were two whole zones on that bus so about 46 Elders and 20 sisters. That
was the craziest road trip of my life. So we arrived to Porto Alegre about
8am. This conferience was with our mission (Porto Alegre South) and also
with Porto Alegre North. Yo and guess who I see when I arrived there. Chase
Foote!!! He´s doing awesome! That was cool to see him but I´m sad to say
pictures were´nt allowed there so we did´nt have the oppurtunity to take a
Elder Cristopherson doesn´t speak Português sadly (but he
understands Português when he wants to because he´s a freaking apostle of
God tell me that aint the coolest thing) so they had lots of translators.
We had a few general authorities talk and Cristpherson and his wife
finished it off. It was definetly one of the coolest talks I´ve heard so
I´ll just pull some good quotes from it:

"Sucess if living from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.
Partaking the sacrement is what allows us to move from failure to failure
without losing enthusiasm."

"You dont leave this path in the next life. If you die on this path you
will continue on it in the next life. You can leave it in this life but you
won´t have the desire to leave it in the spirit world as long as you died
on it in this world."

"The more obedient we are the more God trusts us."

"We see the world as what we are. We if you look for the good in people we
will find it."

"When we obey commandments we recieve blessings but when we obey covenants
we enter into the kingdom of God."

Oh there was also like an entire part just about marriage which made
all the missionaries with girl friends really trunky. He talked about how
in marriage our relationship with God is more important that with our wife.
If we put God first, the relationship with our wife will not only be
strenghtened but everlasting.
Anways that meeting was really cool. Sunday we got up early because
our branch had a branch meeting in São Lourenço a city about an hour and a
half away. We were able to bring 12 investigators there which was really
cool. We also sang in a choir with the sister missionaries in São Lourenço.
I also got to see my MTC companion there because his branch is part of our
district. It was rad.
Well life is good. I think I´m going to serve my whole mission in
Camaquã but you already know I´m fine with that. Elder Caetano and I are
about to work our butts off. Speaking off Elder Caetano he´s gone crazy. He
made me clean the apartment for three hours today. Imma kill that boy.

Love you all!
Elder Morrow
Photos fools!!
1. São Lourenço!
2. São Lourenço!
3. Sisters!


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