March 27, 2017


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Camaquã gunna be a Ward real quick

Dear everyone,
Okay so a lot happened this week. For those who don´t know I stayed in
my first área still. Me and Elder Caetano are part of Camaquã North.
Camaquã South was closed because the Elders there were just making a mess
of their área. So the last few days Me and Caetano had to visit the members
of Camaquã South to fix all the bad relations the other Elders left. It was
pretty bad I´m not going to lie. Many people almost left the church. We´ve
been praying that good Elders would come to open up Camaquã South.
And our prayers were answers. Wedesday two americans showed up at our
door. One, Elder Ellingford is brand new missionary from Utah that doesn´t
speak anything yet. The other one is the seven foot tall, legend, Elder
Allen. Elder Allen was the assitant to the President for a whole year and
this is his last transfer so President decided to leave him in Camaquã
training a new missionary. I´m way excited to learn a lot from him and also
view our branch grow. It´s also nice to have two more americans in our
house. I think Elder Caetano cries himself to sleep everynight being the
only Brazilian in the house. Oh and according to him we are "North
Americans" not "Americans". He gets mad real quick. `Merica.
Okay we also had the oppurtunity to have another baptism this week!
It´s a little girl with the name of Rovana. One day Elder Caetano and I
were in the street and a woman with a little gorl stopped us in the road
and said she needed our help. She was a member that was baptized in another
city but left the church for years. She moved to Camaquã and felt a
spiritual thrist in her life. We went to her house and taught her Family.
We reactivated their Family and after baptized her 10 year old daughter.
This experience all started with us fasting that we could find new
investigators. It was really a miracle.
Welp we have quite a bit of families were are teaching. As well as
some weddings were our planning! (because none of brazil is married just
lives together). But life is good in Camaquã. Elder Caetano made three moms
cry in one day teaching how the love God has for His children is the same a
mom has for her children, That was a new record. Also Elder Allen gave na
awesome talk about sacrifice and how the more we sacrifice to do something,
the more love we have for that thing. Fasting is a sacrifice that helps us
appreciate more the thing we are fasting for. So that was cool.
Well have a good week everyone! I´ll talk a Picture with the seven foot
tall Elder Allen next week:)
Elder Morrow


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