March 27, 2017


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Re: Gen Women's Broadcast

I love camaqua
i feel like i know every single person on the dang street which is kinda
dangerous lol
I´m gladd you liked conference. thats na intersting quote by Elder erying.
About wekaness, i like it.
Well pray i dont get fat and that i can find some new investigators. Love

On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 2:29 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi son,
How neat that you got to hear Elders Christopherson speak! Thanks for
sharing some of the good quotes with us. I really liked - "The more
obedient we are, the more God trusts us."
I'm sorry that the 2 other missionaries were transferred out. It's more
enjoyable with 4 in the house I bet, now kind of quiet. I just laughed and
laughed about you saying that Elder Caetano has gone crazy and made you
clean the apartment for 3 hours! Hahaha! That's good that he likes a clean
place! You won't find many guys, whether college roommates or mission comps
that care about cleanliness. So enjoy. I'm sure you were fine with it.
Thanks for the pictures. I love them!
So last weekend was the General Women's Broadcast. We watched it with dads
side of the family-Tiff, Jen, and AndreA- at Grandma's house. They have the
BYU channel so we watched it upstairs. Grandma made a nice dinner
beforehand and we ate downstairs and then went upstairs to watch it. Then
she had dessert after. It was very nice of Grandma. So the Conference was
really good, like always! The first speaker happen to be my favorite talk
of the Conf. It was by Sis Cordon, who's 2nd counselor in Primary. She
talked about the scripture Proverbs 3:5- "Trust in the Lord with all thine
and lean not unto thy own understanding." She talked about "leaning". When
we lean, we are off centered and off balance. How do we keep centered? How
do we cultivate trust in the Savior? She gave 3 suggestions. Nothing new,
but always the basics of what we've heard and very important and true;
feast upon the words of Christ, pray with all the energy of your heart and
serve others. (Hey, that's what missionaries do!) She gave examples and
stories of each one and they were good. But I'm not going to write and more
about it. Pres Eyring was the final speaker. Here's two quotes from his
talk- "those who do not see their weakness, can't progress."
And... "Unity is necessary to have the spirit, whether in family and your
home or in a church class." So apply those two quotes to you as a
missionary in the mission field.
Well, Spring Break is over now and the kids go back to school. They are
sad. This last quarter, 4th quarter, always goes by fast. Summer Break will
be here soon.
Thanks for serving faithfully. Keep writing detailed emails. We all love
them! Keep being obedient. I love you.
Love, Mom


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