April 3, 2017


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Well this past week was pretty good. Sadly, as missionaries in Camaqua
the branch depends on us to do everything. So this conference weekend we
had to work all Saturday to set up this ghetto TV. It turns out Camaqua
never recieved life conference before. They just normally watched one
session the week after conference as their church meeting. Elder Allen
called President and said that Camaqua has been doing this for years and
President got pretty mad because he had no idea Camaqua never recieved live
conference. So Saturday we looked all through down town looking for this
cable to connect the TV to recieve life conference. We found it about five
o´clock and set everything up for Sunday. (no I was´nt able to watch any
conference Saturday:(
So Sunday came around and I was the one missionary that was sent to
pick up everyone with our branch president. We brought a ton of people to
conference which was way cool but sadly I was´nt able to watch the first
session Sunday. But on the brightside all of our investigators loved the
conference and we also got a lot of less actives there.
Okay so the only session I was able to watch was the last session. It
was really good. I´m sure the other sessions were great too. There was a
talk given about the Holy Ghost. The speaker told that story about that boy
who was baptized along with his brother. As he grew up he got married in
the temple and had a daughter. Sadly his wife and daughter suffered in a
car accident amd lost their lives. The man said that through this moment of
trial the Spirit is what comforted him. His parents and other siblings saw
how strong he was through this period of trial. They wanted to have that
same Spirit. Eventually, his parents and his other brother were baptized as
a result.
So we decided to use this talk as our topic for the night. After
conference Elder Caetano and I got the oppurtinity to do visits with our
Branch president and his wife. We decided to teach about how the Spirit is
our comforter at every lesson. Our last visit was Patricia´s family. After
we read sciprtures about the Spirit we felt the prompting to ask the
president´s wife (Selma) how the Spirit has comforted her in her life. It
turns out she lost her son when he was two years old. She bore her
testimony on how the Spirit was there through out this lost. That she was
comforted every single day through the soft and delicate voice of the
Spririt. The Spirit was so strong during her testimony. Afterward I bore my
testimony how our church is the only church with the authority of laying on
of hands to give this gift of the Holy Ghost to people after baptism. For
those who don´t know, the only reason Patricia´s family is´nt baptized is
because they are tied between two churches and don´t like how we claim that
the church of Jesus Christ is the only true church. However, this lesson
really was a turning point for them. Now they know that our church is the
only true church.
I´m so grateful for the blessings we have of the Holy Ghost and the
role the Spirit plays in conversion.
Have a good week
1. 7ft tall Elder Allen Yo he tall as heck
2. I gave Elder Caetano one of my socks:)


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