April 3, 2017


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Re: Conf weekend : )

i miss the monkey bread oh and make sure the bible is smallish but not like
mini but just small. I´m glad sage stayed behind to wtach the conference
instead of going to that concert. We will always have temptations like that
but it´s always better to watch conference. Some people travel miles and
miles just to hear the prophet talk. ain´t nothing better than that!
Conference sounded way good. I think i´m getting fat but i´m too sacred to
check lol. Pray for Patricia´s family, Laora, jani and ofcourse Patricia.
Elder Caetano and I are freinds now I think:) President told me this week
that we are really making a difference in camaqua. Tell me that aint the
coolest thing. Tchau

Yo i missed having americans around they are hilarious

elder allen is buying all his Gaucho things before he goes him. Gaucho is a
brazilian texan. Rio grande do sul is like texas of brazil and everyone
buys a bunch of cowboy crap before they head home its awesome. Love you

On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 12:56 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

I love conference weekend. When do you get to watch it and how? Do you
hear it in Portuguese? Or English? They announced a new temple to be built
in Brasilia, Brazil. I haven't looked that up yet where it is, but that's
That's exciting to have two 'Merican elders in the house. Help Ellingford
learn Portuguese. Poor guy. How's the wedding planning going? Ha! Any one
specific you want us to pray for? What are you learning from Elder Allen?
He was an assistant for a whole year? Wow!
Last week was full of baseball, track and rehearsal. Tess' musical is this
coming weekend. I'm excited to see her in it. Sage ran the mile in 3:06.
She was happy about it. I stayed and watched the entire meet. It was at
Campo Verde. Poston butte was there so just 3 schools. The last race was
the 4x 4 and they were doing all sorts of funny things- putting throwers in
to run, running in flip-flops- haha! Sage says that's common to fool
around in the last race. I guess I never stayed until the end to see it.
Ellie asked how you were. Tristan too.
So, conference. Saturday morning session- loved Elder Renlunds talk.
"Church members cannot alter God's commandments to be convenient or
popular." And the sinner that repents, draws closer to God than the self
righteous person that condones the sin."
Elder Soares talked on faith and used the phrase "not waver" about 8 times
: )
Sat afternoon session- Elder Holland spoke and it was really good. (I
needed a dictionary during it. His vocabulary is unbelievable!) We all have
a part in the Lord's choir and no one can replace you.
Elder Sabin- loved his talk! "Standing up on the inside". And are we "all
in?" So good!
Sunday morning- so many good talks. Hard to choose.
Elder L. Whitney Clayton, the story of Naaman and told to wash 7x in the
Jordan River to be healed from leprosy. It was too simple. But his servant
convinced him to do it. By small and simple things, is how we fortify our
testimony... and God will always bless us for our steadfastness but may not
show us His timing.
Sunday afternoon- Elder Costa gave a great talk about his conversion and
his path to baptism. Great talk for investigators.
I only listened to one talk so far of priesthood and it was Uchtdorf's. It
was really good! About being sincere and doing things for the right
reasons. Having your heart in the right place as you serve. Not doing it to
be praised by man. Not doing it for attention.
Anyways, I enjoyed conference and I will listen to the talks over and
over. We missed you being with us. You probably missed my monkey bread.
I found bibles on Amazon in that edition that you want. I'll let you know
when I mail it. And the garments.
Keep loving your mission and the good people of Brazil. Love you so much!
You make me a proud momma.
Te amo filho.
- Mom


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