April 10, 2017


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Well this week was good I think but I´m going to be completely honest I
don´t remember anything.
We had a cool family home evening with the branch president and his
wife at Patricia´s house. We watched the Restoration and after ate pastels.
That family is really progressing we have some baptism dates set for them
in a couple weeks so lets see how that goes.
I think I´m starting to get a hang of this missionary thing. Yes I
have a lot to learn but also we are starting to get a hang of balancing out
all our investgators and still saving time to find new investigators. We
have a pretty good pool of investigators but we can also aprove.
This week Irmão Laoro (investigator) decided to throw a Churrasco
(brazilian barbeque) for us for his birthday. So that was way cool. Also
Irmão Armindo (recent convert) also decided to do a Churrasco for us. Two
barbeques in one week is gold. So that was the highlight of the week.
Okay so we had a really cool spiritual experience. It was pretty late
and we were tracting. We recieved a reference that was like at the end of
the world. We were at there at the end of the world looking for this house
when this man opens the door to see what the dogs were barking out. We said
"Hey do you know where.." We were cut off by him saying "Enter I´ve been
waiting." We looked at the number of his house and it definetly was´nt the
house we were looking for but I just rolled with it. We got there and he
accepted every single thing we taught. The next day he met us at the chapel
to teach him. Then on Sunday he gave a ride for some of our other
investigators to church. This dude is a boss. His name is Paulo by the way
(that´s the name of half the people in Brazil). He got me really excited
for sure. Also Alfonso will recieve the preisthood next Sunday so I´m
excited about that:)
I know that the more obedient we are, the more God trusts us to teach
His children and he will put in our paths people that are ready to hear the

Tell me that aint the coolest thing.

Have a good week folks
Elder Morrow
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